Plunderer (Episode 3) – Uniforms are Uniforms

Plunderer Title

Having fled town to keep Hina safe, Licht finds himself in a strange town where he is for some reason dressed as a pudding… Enter Lynn, a soldier who’s count goes up when she helps people and can’t help but help Licht!

Uniforms are Uniforms

Lynn is a helpful character who takes pride in making her town great. She goes out of her way to do what is right, but then her count is also tied to helping people. Not long after receiving a wanted poster for Licht, Lynn and Pele happen across an odd-looking guy dressed as a pudding and wearing a mask. When questioned, the man says that he’s been turned down by one thousand women and is ashamed to show his face.

Pele convinces Lynn to go on a date with the man as it may raise her count too. A series of ridiculous dating scenarios follow, including a little thigh groping and panty touching, which bizarrely lifts Lynn’s count. Of course, the man is actually Licht and to make things even more silly, Pele knew that and was just having fun with Lynn. Back at Nana’s food wagon, another soldier appears and demands to know where Licht is. He has some unusual powers too.

Episode Thoughts

Is this series for real? I feel like I’m being punked and everyone else is getting a different version of this show because there is no way it deserves anything but contempt. The story may sound like a good idea, but the delivery is a mess. Characters don’t seem to question someone with a negative count when they all know that if your count hits zero you get dragged to the abyss. Sure, Pele realised, but no one else seems to.

This show is also not funny. Not even remotely. Licht was dressed as a pudding in this episode and proceeded to molest Lynn. I’m all for the accidental boob grab and falling over and landing with your face in someone’s panties, but this is just not that interesting. And on the note of panties… not a single panty shot… what is with the preview each week? I’m hoping that somewhere along the next twenty-one weeks this show gets cancelled so I don’t have to review it anymore.

Ecchi Highlights

I’d rather be reading what Pele’s looking at!

That’s not how dating works!

Lynn fights back!

Plunderer Episode 3 Pele and Licht Approve

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  1. To this day, I’m hoping your Plunderer’s episodic reviews has loads of view counts; otherwise, your agony & the endless pain from watching this godawful series as your seasonal watch back then.

    I, too don’t remember any worthy stuff from this stupid episode with the exception of Jail’s first appearance even if I’m forced to listen Hina’s unnecessary dialogue of calling names. A shocked face from her would’ve been enough for me to like her a little bit.

    Regarding this episode’s adaptation, the bridge and drinking cocktail scenes are original-exclusive meaning they don’t exist in the source material. Nevertheless, that means that “long groping at the bench” scene exists in the manga.

    I’m asking once again: “Minazuki, are you the same person who wrote Heaven’s Lost Property?”

    … because a remake/reboot anime of HLP would’ve been the best choice instead of this blundered series…😩

    • “…your seasonal watch back then would’ve been in vain or worst, all for nothing.”

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