Plunderer (Episode 4) – Ballot Holder

Plunderer Title

Lynn wants to catch Licht so that she can get promoted and choose her own uniform rather than the standard-issue short skirt design. Unfortunately, she’s not the only one after him!

Ballot Holder

The high ranking solider, Jail has just smashed up Nana’s bar and is now tracking Licht down. Of course, Lynn is also trying to catch Licht which turns into some sort of absurd chase scene again. Finally, Jail arrives and tries to impale Licht. They fight, Licht reveals his count, Jail has Lynn reveal some exposition about ballots, and then he reveals his true count and it’s much bigger than Lights.

Episode Thoughts

So this episode wasn’t worse than the last one, but it certainly isn’t getting any better. Most of the episode is the same as the previous episode which is why there is a very short summary this time around. There’s more awkward exposition, this time with Lynn explaining ballots, which then brings into question how Hina’s mother died if she had a ballot with a 10,000 count on it. Ah, but don’t worry about small details and inconsistencies like that when this series is just terrible to begin with.

It’s not funny. It used the same jokes as last week and they weren’t funny the first time. Licht playing the pervert is just weird and I have no time for it. This series feels like someone tried to make an ecchi series with their only experience of ecchi was listening to non-ecchi fans moaning about the content. Groping… check, perverts… check, short skirts… check. The problem is that it is just that. There’s no finesse or style to the writing. It’s just in your face and not in a good way. Only twenty episodes to go!

Ecchi Highlights

Uniform Decisions!

Rebuild the Bar!

To Catch an Ace!

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  1. Really I’m astounded at this series’ dedication to not giving any panty shots. Any weird sexual situation or teasing angle is fine, but NO panties!

    Makes me wonder if it has something to do with where it’s being aired, or if there’s a certain rating it was trying to achieve to get on a certain network in Japan.

    • And the amount of time it spends talking about panties too. It’s a mystery on a similar level to how this series got twenty-four episodes…

  2. The way the characters act in here are in need of high levels of suspension of disbelief from viewers watching this series. Up to this day, I’ve seen 1000+ people rating this series a 10 even after the blundered completion.

    Just so you know Hina & Nana’s scenes are original-exclusive. I get it’s to fill up the episode’s duration, but for me, it was still the worst method to adapt one chapter in one episode. Heck! I rather rewatch Black Clover’s earlier episodes than this series’ godawful pacing.

    Don’t get me started with Lynn acting like everything is fine by doing an exposition dump after being attacked by Jail’s guards under his order. Where’s the scared or angry look on her face???

    P.S. Is it me or do I think Hina isn’t cautious around the older male customers she was serving to? She’s acting like everything is fine when the premiere episode, she got violated many times in there…🤦‍♀️

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