Plunderer (Episode 5) – Don’t Apologize, Apologize

Plunderer Title

Licht and Jail continue their fight, each appearing to hold back their true power and only revealing a little more as and when necessary. Lynn tries to protect Licht, but that just makes things worse! Am I being punked? Is this series for real?

Don’t Apologize, Apologize

Even less happens this week as Jail and Licht continue their fight. Jail throws an apparently endless supply of iron at Licht who continues to leap into the upper atmosphere before firing himself back down. Jail stops his attack and then shackles him up, but when Licht refuses to talk his creates an iron whip. Lynn jumps in the way and faces the wraith of Jail only for that to annoy Licht who easily breaks free from Jail’s unbreakable prison… They fight some more, destroying the rock around them and sending Lynn falling through the air. Licht manages to save her before tossing her to Jail so that he can make his getaway.

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Episode Thoughts

I just don’t know what is going on anymore. Well, that’s not strictly true. Nothing is going on, everyone is hiding their true potential behind a slew of fake maximum levels, and the story is doing nothing. Jail needs to get his glasses adjusted as he spent the entire episode readjusting them and that was the most exciting thing about it. The action was boring, Licht is boring. I just can’t get into this series at all. There’s also still no ecchi content, so even that can’t save it. Next week promises a new girl, but I’m not sure an army of girls could save this series. Nineteen is my count… that’s how many more episodes I need to watch…

Ecchi Highlights

This is basically what happened!

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