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Plunderer Title

Licht has a new mask and is wandering about on his own until Hina and Nana manage to track him down. Soon after they meet Pelmo who is desperately trying to create a flying machine even if it kills her!


Amazingly, Jail and Lynn haven’t caught up with Licht, but somehow Hina and Nana made it to the village on the rock, got some information, and managed to find Licht wandering around with a bird mask on. The usual hilarities followed… Licht is hungry wants food, Nina hits Licht and makes him earn it, Hina, however, has prepared Licht a lunch but they are interrupted. A makeshift flying machine races over their heads and hurtled toward a cliff. Licht is able to save the driver just in time. Pelmo is quite surprised to by flying although Licht tries to tell her that he’s just good a jumping.

They go back to her workshop where she reveals that she is trying to make a flying machine. Licht warns her that it is punishable by death and, of course, Hina doesn’t know that. Where has Hina been all this time? Anyhow, Licht shows her how to perfect the flying machine. Then, while Pelmo makes the finished adjustments, Licht tries to force open Hina’s legs so he can see her panties… Pelmo comes back in the nick of time with her flying machine, but the military has shown up forcing Licht to destroy the machine or everyone would be in trouble.

Once the military has left, Pelmo reveals that her count was tied to her attempts at achieving her dream and has now reached zero. The hands appear from the ground and grab her, ready to take her to the abyss. Hina tries to stop them, but the hands retaliate. Licht blocks an attack but receives an unusual shock and has a flashback to a warzone with machine guns and boats. He then discovers that he has a new count in his eye!

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Episode Thoughts

More happened in this episode, but it was still mostly silly. We only just met Pelmo and all of a sudden we’re supposed to be upset that she’s been taken to the abyss, especially when she doesn’t seem that bothered. It was fairly amusing to see Licht destroy her flying machine and then realise that he cost her life. I say amusing because I really don’t like Licht. I can’t stand the way that he’s nice one second and then trying to pull Hina’s legs apart the next. It’s all a bit rapey for me and I’m not finding it at all entertaining. So, the big shock is that this may in fact be an Isekai which would make sense since there has been an abundance of bad Isekai lately. My count is down to 18!

Ecchi Highlights

Found You!

Plunderer Episode 6 Nana

A Flying Bird!

This isn’t Hot!

Off to the Abyss!

Why not have another Count?!

Plunderer Episode 6 Licht's New Count

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