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How do you follow up last week’s possible reveal and dark turn of events? How about some mild groping and cooking contest… Seriously, what is this series doing? How did twenty-four episodes get the green light?

It was Delicious

Licht, Hina, and Nana arrived at a new town and decided to go shopping, rather than discuss what happened to Pelmo or even Licht when he attacked the hands. That said, things seem to have calmed down, but then Licht grabs Hina’s legs and tries to pry them open in the middle of the street, much to the horror of onlookers. Of course, this is when Lynn catches up with Licht and puts a handcuff on him.

Lynn and Hina have some awkward introductions about how they both seem to like Licht, but also don’t. Neither seems that bothered that he’s a grabby pervert… Licht tries to run, but Nana appears out of nowhere and kicks him to the ground. In her infinite wisdom, she decides that they should have a cooking contest where Licht will decide which girl he likes best from their cooking… Seriously, what is going on?

The whole town gathers around to watch as Lynn prepares some sort of white sauce casserole and Hina captures, butchers, and then brews some filthy-looking stew. Licht tries both dishes and surprisingly they are both great. Pele doesn’t believe it so grabs the spoon and tries Hina’s and is amazed that it’s good. Well, now it’s time for Licht to choose a winner…

But hang on, Jail has finally shown up and challenges Licht to a fight, destroying the town square in the process. They fight and it’s basically the same as last time, only this time Nana steps in and tells them they’re both idiots and forces them to have a drink together. The next morning, Jail, Lynn, and Pele wake up and find that everyone has gone…

Episode Thoughts

Why haven’t those hands from the abyss taken me away yet? This series is terrible. I’m sorry. I try to be impartial and look at all sides of the argument and there just isn’t anything that is close to redeeming this series. Licht’s troubling groping aside, the story is non-existent. I mean, we’re seven episodes in and we still don’t even know what the main story is. If it’s just Hina following Licht around, well, that got boring after two episodes, so I hope that’s not it for the rest of the season. A cooking contest! I just can’t believe how badly written this series is and how much of a waste of time it is. I have seventeen episodes left and those abyss hands can’t come soon enough!

Ecchi Highlights

Is this how the Hero is Supposed to Behave?

Let’s Have a Cooking Contest!

Jail and Licht!

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  1. In case you’re wondering how this godawful original/filler episode came about:

    Nishikata: The feel of the story takes a sharp turn from this point in the plot, so before we did that, we wanted to insert an episode where everyone gathers together. We asked Minazuki-sensei for his help too, and added in an anime-original episode.

    Once again, (apologies for my irrational venting) is this really made by the same author as Heaven’s Lost Property?

    “Minazuki-sensei is known for his approach that mixes comedic and serious tones, but I felt that this particular story was more weighted towards the serious.”

    Sorry, Assistant Director, but the tonal shift was unbalanced so much I started to feel bitter on whatever the main characters were doing in this episode. And people say (from whatever ratings I’ve seen) this series is way better than Overly Cautious Hero…😑

    For further details:

    • Wow! That’s like saying, you’re about to get whiplash so to prepare you, we’re going to grab your head and yank it in another direction…

      This series has just so many problems, it’s impossible to keep track of all of them.

      • The problem is that I don’t know how those problems (a.k.a. jarring plot holes) came about. Like a lot of the events in the previous episodes kept happening purely for the sake of happening rather than for natural plot progression.

        And by natural I mean give us flashbacks of Licht’s past; and no, his flashback in ep 6 was too dark & blurry to know WTF was happening in there. I could only see somebody’s face, but that alone didn’t help me to predict/guess what happened in his past.

        The anime studio behind this was either understaff or has a really bossy & stingy production committee that they were forced to make that sort of lame flashback.

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