Plunderer (Episode 8) – Demon of the Abyss

Plunderer Title

Jail, Lynn, and Pele arrive at a town that has been completely destroyed and the only survivor is a soldier that is ranting about a demon that killed everyone. They might not know what’s going on, but Jail bets that Licht will!

Demon of the Abyss

The town is in ruins, burst corpses as far as the eye can see. Jail refuses to believe the rantings of the surviving soldier. There’s no way it could have been a demon, but then the lake was gone, replaced by a giant smoky abyss. They head back to the original town in search of medical care for the injured soldier and find Nana, Hina, and Licht.

Jail is furious and demands some answers from Licht, who refuses to help him out at all. Cue the dramatic music for the least dramatic moments in the show. Rather than have another pointless fight, Jail and Licht sit down and have an equally pointless drinking contest. Meanwhile, Hina and Nana get drunk and reminisce about the good times they had with Licht… you know, when he wasn’t trying to grope them or force open their legs to see their panties…

A strange tremor rattles the town and everyone sobers up pretty quickly. Another abyss like hole has appeared and a strange sound is coming from it. The injured soldier manages to run to warn them that it’s just like the last time and that a demon is coming. Jail orders his men to prepare to fight, but Licht tells them all to run. Then, a helicopter rises up through the smoke with it’s weapons pointed at Licht and Jail.

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Episode Thoughts

So, the first couple of minutes were kind of interesting and then the final couple of minutes too, but the rest of this episode was a steaming pile. The bizarre dramatic music they keep trying to force into scenes that are not dramatic is ridiculous. Licht is the most belligerent idiot to ever be a protagonist. He obviously knows much more than he lets on, but acts like an ass all the time for apparently no reason. Hina and Lynn falling for him is possibly the least believable thing in the series and that’s saying a lot. I feel like we could have got to this point in episode two and still had the same amount of character development. I literally can’t wait for this series to be over. Only sixteen episodes to go!!!

Ecchi Highlights

Semi-interesting Beginning!

Another Painfully Dull Middle!

Semi-interesting Ending!

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