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The helicopter opens firing on the citizens, but Jail is able to create a protective wall in time. Licht orders the soldiers to pull back and evacuate the people just as the helicopters comes back around and fires a missile at them!

Demon of the Abyss

Jail takes issue with Licht giving the soldiers commands, but one Licht shows off his stars, revealing that he is a colonel. That shuts Jail up pretty quickly and the soldiers start to attempt to evacuate the people. However,everyone appears to be pretty much dumbfounded as they stare helplessly at the attack helicopter. Licht leaps into the air to attack, but the hands from the abyss, known as Althing also appears to be going after the helicopter. They don’t like Licht getting in their way and continuously swat him away.

Hina gets mad that no one will help Licht, but Jail reveals that attacking Althing is punishable by death… like just about everything else in this world. Then, Jail comes up with an “ingenious” plan where he takes off his glasses which means he can’t see if he’s attacking Althing or not… Lynn and the rest of the soldiers join in, all pretending they can’t see either. It might have been a nice moment had it not been so stupid.

Licht finally gets to the helicopter and freezes when he sees what’s inside. Before he can react, however, the helicopter is shot down from above. It turns out to be another of the legendary aces and she seems to be a little unhinged. First, she shoots Jail and then opens fire on the people, killing indiscriminately. Finally, her special soldiers pin down everyone and place a child in from of Licht with a gun to his head.

Sonohara, the other legendary ace goads Licht into killing her soldiers to save the child. When he refuses, she flies off, but stops when the gunshot rings out. When she looks back, the child is fine, but the soldiers around him are all dead. Licht goes on a rampage, killing all of her soldiers and then reveals that he is the Plunderer and has come to steal everything this world has to offer.

Episode Thoughts

Oh look, something vaguely interesting happened and it only took 9 episodes to get here. The big problem here, however, is that the preceding 8 episodes have been such a garbled waste of time that I can’t seem to bring myself to enjoy this. This twist, which isn’t very well done, comes at you out of nowhere. There’s been almost no foreshadowing or build up despite this happening in episode 9. We should at least have some sort of connection with the characters by this point then, but again that’s been done so poorly that I wouldn’t have been at all bothered had everyone died in this scene.

This twist could have happened at the end of episode 1 and had the same impact. It probably would have been far better given that we wouldn’t be bitter and frustrated at that point. It just feels like there are some nice ideas here, but the delivery is terrible and the way they’ve been connected together is even worse. It’s also worth noting that we still don’t actually know what this story is about. 15 episodes to go…

Ecchi Highlights

Attacking the Invader!


Licht Unleashed!

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  1. Well at least stuff is happening.
    The ecchi aspect is a writeoff, but maybe the story can still redeem itself over the next 15 episodes…?

    • It’s entirely possible and I am hoping, but it’s made such a mess of the first nine that I am not going to get too excited.

  2. One thing I’ve learned from this godawful series is that the subtle hints must be clearly visible regardless of the comedic ecchi timing which unfortunately didn’t exist in the first 8 episodes of this series.

    I mean there are subtle hints/foreshadowing stuff in some scenes of the episodes, but they always get overshadowed by the misused/misrepresented fanservice/ecchi stuff performed by the creepy pervert along with the inconsistent behaviours of the main supporting characters. I remembered feeling nauseous & undeniably annoyed with these two elements so much that I absolutely forgot to use my thinking skills on why a Bluetooth & flying being forbidden rule exists in first place.

    Heck~ I wrote a fanservice bathtub scene, where tonal balance shift is performed neatly (I hope) in my WN to relieve myself from remembering this ridiculous episode of Plunderer even if it only took 10% of this memory.

    • Absolutely, one of things I’ve been guilty of in the past is assuming that everyone will see the clues that I’d put into a story. They were obvious to me, but not so to everyone else.

      It’s a fine balance between trying to make sure the audience gets it and not bludgeoning them over the head with it.

      Unfortunately, Plunderer managed to completely distract you with the painful elements of the story and that made it much harder to pick up on the actual clues. None of that, however, is an excuse for the way this story was presented.

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