Plunderer (Season One)

Plunderer Title

Hina has been searching for a Legendary Ace for the past five years and she appears to have finally found him. But is he who he says he is and what will happen when he sees that she has a ballot?

The Overview

While searching for the Legendary Ace, Hina met a rather desperate guy in a mask who goes by the name Licht Bach and the buxom girl that accompanies him, Nana. Luckily for Hina, Licht isn’t going to let a fake Legendary Ace get in the way of his attempts to see Hina’s panties. Of course, it turns out the Licht is the real Legendary Ace, but can he really be a survivor from the waste wars, three hundred years ago?

Soon they are joined by Jail, Lynn, and Pele who are also hunting the Legendary Ace. After a strange encounter with Althing, the mysterious being that governs all things in Alcia, including the strange counts that control peoples’ lives, Nana sends them all back in time to stop the future, but can they stop the future that is responsible for creating them and everyone they know?

Plunderer Episode 1 Nana talking to Hina

The Story

Here’s the thing. I thought that the story had some interesting ideas and could have been all right, but it took forever to get going and had so many plot holes and poorly executed scenes that it failed to get going. I think it actually lost me in the third episode, although by the end of the first it was clear that no one had thought through much of what was happening. For example, Hina had been walking around for five years and still had no idea about the country she lived in, how the counts work, or really anything. Sure, it was used to teach us about all those things, but it was lazy and just made her annoying. Then, Nana spent her time telling random people at her mobile tavern about plot elements of the story. None of it made any sense as to why this would be happening.

The Characters

Plunderer Episode 4 Licht

Licht Bach is the Legendary Ace and massive pervert. Normally, I don’t mind the perverted characters because they may be a little amorous but they’ll not monsters. Sure, they peek up skirts from time to time, but I’ve not seen any forcibly pry open a girls legs to do so. Well, that search is over. I hated Licht and found him to be utterly irredeemable. How all these girls were falling for him is a mystery!

Plunderer Episode 2 Hina

Hina is basically clueless. We’re supposed to see the world through her eyes, but rather than experiencing any of it, we’re just told by whoever happens to be confused at how little she knows about anything. The way she defends Licht is beyond belief, especially after however many times he’s attempted to sexually assault her.

Plunderer Episode 4 Nana Kicking

Nana should have been an easy best girl and waifu of the week candidate, but she never really got going and like Hina, seemed to spend all her time pining over Licht. For Nana, this is even stranger as he hasn’t really done anything for her other than escaping from the bad guys together and wandering Alcia for hundreds of years. Should have been a much more interesting character.

Plunderer Episode 19 Lynn Cooking

Lynn is the best thing in this series and all the other characters know it. I can only assume that is why they all seem to want to call her fat and useless. Again, however, she’s experienced Licht at his worst, groping her and trying to pull her legs apart, but somehow, she loves him too. It’s like a sex offender’s fantasy and it ruins all of the scenes that could have been somewhat powerful.

Plunderer Episode 4 Jail

Jail could have been a cool character, but for his endless convictions. Seriously, this guy couldn’t get drugged because of his convictions. He could defeat an ace when his count had been reduced to one because of… that’s right, you guessed it, his convictions. The bizarre bro relationship between him and Licht was hilarious and did nothing for the story or the action. If anything, it ended up getting annoying.

Fan Service

Later in the series, we did get some nice moments like the bathhouse and the swimsuit episode, however, the later really didn’t make any sense in the context of the story. I know, more often than not they don’t, but this one was so glaringly ridiculous that even I couldn’t put up with it and I love swimsuit episodes. Nana and Lynn we’re the stars of the fan-service, but once Licht got involved it all got a little too weird and creepy. I’ve said it before, but it felt like the creator of the series had taken all of the bad takes about fan-service and put them into this series, believing that they were fan-service. There’s nothing sexy about a guy forcing a girl’s legs apart.

Ecchi Highlights


Story Rating: Awful

I think I may have covered this one, but this is such a mess of a story that even the parts that could have been interesting get lost in the bizarre leaps of logic and storytelling. It failed to connect with me on any level and even the characters that I had originally thought that I would like became annoying. I can’t recommend this to anyone on a story level because it just didn’t make any sense. Not the characters actions or experiences.

Ecchi Rating: Mild

When I saw the promotional art for this series, it looked like a guaranteed Ecchi Plus, but as the series went on it became quite clear that this was Ecchi Lite. Some of the girls are nice to look at in the occasional still image that the camera pans across, but once they start moving the animation fails them, especially with their faces which often felt wooden. It certainly didn’t manage any of the usual tease elements that we’d associate with ecchi titles.


If you’re looking for an engaging story with fun ecchi elements then this is not that title. There was none of the usual tease and titillation. The show instead seemed to focus on sexual assault and attempt to pass it off as sexy. Even the girls in the show seemed to accept it and all fell in love with the offender. It just felt like this series got everything wrong, over and over again. I still can’t believe that I sat through all twenty-four episodes. That’s time that I will never get back and I feel that I must warn others against it. Now, there’s a chance that you may like it, but if after a couple of episodes you’re not, don’t keep going. No amount of scrubbing will help!

Plunderer Episode 18 Rihito Showering

Episodic Highlights

If you still want some more, there are more images and highlights on the episode reviews below.

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