Prison School (Episode 1) – The Peep Job

Hachimitsu Academy is an elite, former all-girls private boarding high school, and as a result, the ratio of girls to boys is 200:1. And so we follow the story of the only five boys that attend the school…

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The Peep Job

We follow the story of Kiyoshi Fujino and his four friends, a ragtag crew of five guys who all have had no success talking to any of the thousand girls at Hachimitsu Academy. One day, by accident, Kiyoshi hits it off with a classmate, Chiyo, over sumo. They make plans to go see sumo in the future.

That night, the guys come up with a plan to peep on the girls in the bath. They head to the roof and dangle a smartphone through the window while on video call with another smartphone. Unfortunately, the phone falls into the room. Kiyoshi goes to retrieve it, is mistaken for a girl, and goes into the bath.

After this, the other guys are caught. The student council president soon catches Kiyoshi also. The five boys are then given an in-school suspension of one month, in very prison-like circumstances, under the supervision of the student council.

The episode ends with Kiyoshi, who was in a tree helping a baby bird, sees something he shouldn’t have.

Episode Thoughts

Absolutely hilarious. I can’t wait to keep going with this one, the humour was just awesome throughout. The guys are such a funny mix as well. The one thing they have in common is that they are all horny, desperate, high school boys. And so there were some really funny moments surrounding that, such as how they were enjoying getting knocked around and stepped on.

There’s one part where Andre is asked by the student council vice-president to lick her boot, and he clearly wants to, but Kiyoshi puts a stop to it, trying to protect his dignity. Only to get chewed out by the guys later for doing so.

Anyways, this episode was a blast. I love the art style, there was a ton of ecchi content, the characters are fun, and I’m looking forward to continuing on!

Episode Highlights

We’ll get to the ecchi highlights, but first, here are the main five characters and their names:

And now, bring on the ecchi!

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