Prison School (Episode 10) – It’s a Bum-derful Life

The day of expulsion is quickly coming up, and it seems that the boys have lost all hope. That is until they manage to sneak a message to the chairman…

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It’s a Bum-derful Life

The remaining two weeks for the boys quickly pass, with Gakuto having lost his mind. When asked for last meal requests, Gakuto requests fried grasshoppers on rice, causing Meiko to have to catch and fry the grasshoppers herself. However, after Gakuto consumes a few grasshoppers, he comes to his senses, and gives the boys a little hope – they decide to submit an appeal to the chairman alongside the forms they have to sign to “willingly” leave the school.

Unfortunately, due to her anger of Gakuto having wasted the grasshoppers she put effort into making, Meiko tore up the appeal and never gave it to the chairman. Realizing this could happen, Kiyoshi left a message on his form for the chairman – “I know about the treasure you buried behind the school.” This causes the chairman to hold a private meeting with the boys, where Kiyoshi ends up winning him over by convincing the chairman that he is an ass man, because “no ass man can be bad”. This gives them one more day to find evidence.

Meanwhile, via an incident involving mushrooms, Hana remembers what happened in the nurse’s office between her and Kiyoshi.

Episode Thoughts

This episode was hilarious, like many of the previous ones have been. The chairman in general has just been an awesome character, and to see more of him this episode was great. I especially love how the idea of “no X person can be bad” runs in the family, with the chairman’s “no ass man can be bad”, Mari’s “no person who likes crows can be bad”, and Chiyo’s “no person who likes sumo can be bad”.

It seems that next episode will involve Hana, who is hell-bent on revenge as Meiko had to restrain her from breaking into the meeting between the boys and the chairman. Once again, we’ll see where this story heads next!

Episode Highlights

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