Prison School (Episode 11) – Eryngii Brockovich

The boys have only one day to prove that they were framed. One day, to get access to the deleted data on the computer in the nearby office. But just as they think they can trick Meiko again, there’s a switch, and Hana arrives to look after them…

Eryngii Brockovich

The boys’ last chance is the data on that computer. And so, Gakuto plans to distract Meiko again. Unfortunately, Mari is onto them, and allows Hana to go. Hana quietly mentions to Kiyoshi that she would get her revenge later that day. Kiyoshi mentions that he thinks he can use her grudge against him to distract her.

And so, that night, when Hana brings dinner, Gakuto says something that leads her to believe Kiyoshi told them about what had happened between them. She pulls Kiyoshi into the office. His mission is to unlock the door, so that Chiyo can sneak in later and get the data. Anzu also helps out, by acting as a decoy, and is caught by Meiko.

Things get a little heated between Kiyoshi and Hana, neither wanting to act embarrassed to the other. Finally, feeling backed into a corner, Hana decides to make a power move and steals Kiyoshi’s first kiss.

Episode Thoughts

This episode was pretty intense, but honestly kind of what I expected to happen. Everything is reaching a culmination, and it’s not looking good for Kiyoshi because Hana is holding him up in the office. Chiyo is going to be sneaking in there, and if she walks in while Hana is still there, the whole plan is off. Not only that, but if she walks in on Hana kissing Kiyoshi, that could ruin things between Chiyo and Kiyoshi.

Basically, it’s getting real tense, and next episode will reveal how it all ends. I’m looking forward to seeing it!

Episode Highlights

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