Prison School (Episode 12) – Good Morning, Prison!

It’s time for the expulsion, with the boys being marched up to the chairman’s office first thing in the morning. Did they manage to obtain the evidence they needed to prove their innocence?

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Good Morning, Prison!

Kiyoshi manages to both unlock the door and overcome Hana by doubling down on their kiss by using his tongue. This causes Hana to get overwhelmed and give in, taking him back to the common area. After this, she leaves. Meanwhile, Meiko wasn’t able to get any information out of Anzu, and so she visits the prison that night with Mari to ensure that everyone is accounted for.

The next morning, the boys are marched straight up to the chairman’s office. Before they can be expelled, they reveal what they had accomplished. Gakuto turns out to be Joe in disguise, and Joe turns out to be Chiyo, who snuck in the night prior thanks to the locked door and a bathroom trip where the three exchanged identities. Then, Gakuto waited outside until the boys were taken to the office. Afterwards, he went inside and recovered the information he needed.

With this, Mari admits defeat, and the chairman gives the boys the freedom they’ve been waiting for this whole time. A different group of girls (either the school’s disciplinary committee or the real student council I believe) approach the chairman demanding punishment for the underground student council. And so, they are placed in charge of the three girls who are transferred to the prison they watched over this whole season.

Episode Thoughts

What a finale. I had no doubts that they were going to pull it off, but it was cool to see how they actually did it in the end. I thought Chiyo was going to get the data, so the whole switcheroo was a bit of a surprise. It seems all of the boys are accepted back into the school better than before, likely due to the rumours that circulated about how they were abused by the underground student council. Which would then be confirmed as the underground student council itself was sent to the prison.

There’s one final OVA episode which I believe continues from where this ending has left off, so before wrapping up Prison School for good I’ll go ahead and cover that next week. Looking forward to seeing how it’ll be with the tables turned as they have been.

Lot of images this time around mainly because I really liked all the reaction shots from the girls, and also wanted to show how things ended up for the boys after getting free!

Episode Highlights

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