Prison School (Episode 2) – The Man Who Viewed Too Much

The only five boys in Hachimitsu Academy have been put into in-school suspension, and are now prisoners of the school until they’ve served their sentence. How will their lives play out?

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The Man Who Viewed Too Much

Kiyoshi found himself accidentally seeing Hana urinate after falling out of the tree he was in. Embarrassed, she breaks down, but doesn’t tell Meiko. The boys are later assigned to clear out a forested area and promised that they can go out on weekends if they behave, but that changes after Student Council President Mari notices pornography on the computer of her father, the chairman of the academy.

As Kiyoshi had made a promise to go to a sumo event with Chiyo, he begins to dig a hole under the waste shed so he can escape when the day comes. Gakuto finds out, and begins to help plan the escape with Kiyoshi so that he can also buy some limited edition Three Kingdoms figures when they come out on the same day as the sumo event.

The episode ends with Hana forcing her way into the washroom with Kiyoshi in order to watch him urinate, as payback for what he saw, but they slip and he ends up urinating on her.

Episode Thoughts

Once again this was an awesome episode. I’m not really a fan of urine and all that, but it certainly makes for an interesting dynamic between Hana and Kiyoshi. Gakuto was great in this episode. He’s definitely shaping up to be a good source of comedy and entertainment. The Chairman was also hilarious, looking forward to more of him.

I don’t have too much else to say about the episode other than that it was great, and once again chock full of fan service to enjoy.

Episode Highlights

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