Prison School (Episode 3) – A Mighty Spurt

The plan for Kiyoshi to break out of school in order to go on his date with Chiyo and buy figurines for Gakuto is still on as Kiyoshi and Gakuto iron out the details and encounter some difficulties along the way.

A Mighty Spurt

The duo also learn that on the fated Saturday they will be working outside a restroom somewhere else on the school grounds. Kiyoshi finds a drainage shaft that he can use to sneak to the hole in the wall. In computer class, Gakuto wants to collect the sound of someone farting to use if someone tries to check up on Kiyoshi in the restroom on the fated day. He fails to find any, so in desperation, he craps his pants in class and records the sounds.

The school chairman decides it’s time to bury his collection of lewd photos. He fails the first attempt, and so in his second, he uses cement so he can’t dig them up. This is when he notices a hole in the wall, and patches it up. Kiyoshi and Gakuto are shocked at this development.

Meanwhile, Shingo had been overhearing bits of the duo’s conversations and mistook their positions in the shower to mean that they were in a homosexual relationship. He tells the others, and so they think that Gakuto crapped himself because he was loose, because of, well, you know.

Anyways, the episode ends with Kiyoshi deciding that he will have to steal a girl’s uniform and sneak out through the front gate when the time comes.

Episode Thoughts

Once again, this show has been hilarious. This episode in particular, with Shingo and the others’ misunderstandings was too funny. Constantly they were chuckling in the background at Kiyoshi and Gakuto and I was chuckling with them. The ecchi was fantastic, too. Meiko in a different outfit was excellent – better than her regular outfit I think.

Overall, I don’t have too much to say other than that it was another great episode. Very funny.

Episode Highlights

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