Prison School (Episode 4) – Take Me Out to the Sumoland

It’s finally time for the Kiyoshi’s big date, and the breakout. Will all of Kiyoshi and Gakuto’s meticulous planning go without a hitch?

Take Me Out to the Sumoland

After having assaulted the student council president, Gakuto is punished by Meiko. In order to apologize, he has her shave his head – of which the hair will be used for Kiyoshi’s disguise when he escapes. The two then work together so that Kiyoshi can steal a uniform, obtaining everything they need for the big day.

On the day of the sports festival, Kiyoshi manages to escape, and the speaker with fart sounds works successfully against Meiko. Kiyoshi goes on his date, and all is well until he accidentally spills tea on his bag – exposing the uniform inside, which happens to belong to Chiyo herself! This results in the date being a bust.

Meanwhile, back at school, Shingo and Meiko both get curious as to Kiyoshi’s whereabouts, and move into the restroom to investigate.

Episode Thoughts

Man, this was an exciting episode! From so much buildup, I couldn’t help but feel anxious for Kiyoshi myself when he was making his way out of the school. Ultimately it seems things didn’t go so well, but it’s not over yet! The big reveal will happen next episode, when Meiko kicks open the restroom stall and finds no one there, right?

But with the date having been a bust, maybe Kiyoshi was able to make it back in time? I’m looking forward to finding out how things will go. I feel like there was a little less fan service this time around, but we did get some quality shots of some girls at the sports festival, or track meet, or whatever it is, in their tight track shorts. Would have been nice to get more athletic uniform ecchi!

Episode Highlights

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