Prison School (Episode 5) – The School’s Number One Most Treacherous Man

The breakout has reached it’s climax, with Meiko about to bust down the restroom stall door. Was Kiyoshi able to make it back in time? And with the date a bust, where will things go from here?

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The School’s Number One Most Treacherous Man

Meiko kicks down the door, and we find that Kiyoshi has indeed made it back in time. The date ended badly, and because he left early he was able to buy Gakuto’s figures and get back just in time. Everything seems well… until student council president Mari arrives, and shows everyone a message from her sister, Chiyo, featuring Chiyo and Kiyoshi at the sumo event.

With the breakout exposed, all of the prisoner’s sentences are extended by one month, and Kiyoshi is to be expelled. The revelation causes Shingo, Joe, and Andre to hate Kiyoshi. Gakuto, while still friendly to Kiyoshi, ends up being isolated from him, because Kiyoshi took sole responsibility for everything.

Kiyoshi is brought into the student council office to be coerced into signing a form that will have him leave the school. But then, Chiyo, having found out about the expulsion, arrives and defends him, deciding that she must have made a mistake in her condemnation of him. Thanks to Chiyo, Kiyoshi stays at school. Mari then has Meiko begin to watch and take notes on the boys in order to find a new scheme to get them all expelled.

The episode ends with Hana returning to the fold.

Episode Thoughts

Synopsis was a bit long this time around but I didn’t want to leave anything out – a lot happened this episode! You would think that the breakout itself was exciting enough, but the aftermath was surely even more so.

It’s interesting to note that Chiyo was the reason the date ended early, allowing Kiyoshi to make it back on time, but her message to Mari and her father (thanking them for giving Kiyoshi permission to leave) caused him to get caught anyways! It was cool to see her step up and protect Kiyoshi after all of that, though. And to her credit, she thought he had permission to leave.

Once again we got a decent amount of fan service, although once again it was mostly of Meiko. Meiko is great, but if every episode is just dominated by her, it can get old. Hopefully we can see more of Hana, Mari, Chiyo, and other random girls in future episodes!

Episode Highlights

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