Prison School (Episode 6) – Vengeance is Hana’s

Hana has returned, and it seems she still has plans for Kiyoshi. In addition, Meiko works to undermine the boys by recruiting a snitch from within…

Vengeance is Hana’s

In her investigations, Meiko notices that Shingo holds sway over the guys. She decides to turn him into a rat for the student council, to help them with their plans to get the boys all expelled from school. She uses Shingo to pull Joe away from his ants, while one of Mari’s crows moves in on them. Joe, in a rage, almost attacks Mari when Kiyoshi stops him, taking a stick up the butt.

Hana uses this opportunity to take Kiyoshi to the infirmary. Just as she’s about to urinate on Kiyoshi, Chiyo enters the nurse’s office. The two hide underneath the bed, and the situation causes Kiyoshi to get aroused. Neither of them were wearing anything on their bottom halves… and when Hana feels it, she faints.

The episode ends with Meiko giving Shingo a few hours of freedom.

Episode Thoughts

This episode was awesome, the series just never fails to disappoint so far! Even though the escape is all done and over with, this new Shingo rat development has been very interesting. And Kiyoshi’s actions have managed to win over Joe from Shingo’s side, gaining him some support from within the guys (now from Gakuto and Joe).

There was some decent fan service, as always, as well. The one thing that is a little much for me is the scenes where Meiko is coated in excessive sweat, but I guess some people enjoy that sort of thing more. There was another funny scene between the chairman and Mari, as he was trying to hide a lewd mousepad he had bought behind his back, and then his phone rang.

Overall, just another great episode.

Episode Highlights

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