Prison School (Episode 7) – Meiko’s Delicious Restaurant

Shingo heads out for a taste of freedom and runs into a girl from school. In the meantime, Gakuto’s figurine ends up becoming the next point of interest in the underground student council’s plan to get the boys expelled!

Meiko’s Delicious Restaurant

Shingo ends up meeting a girl at the arcade, which gets him excited to go outside again in the future. When he returns to school, he ends up finding a piece from Gakuto’s Guan Yu figurine in the restroom, and gives it to Meiko, but it accidentally falls into the peanuts that she serves Mari and Hana. Mari ends up biting it before pulling it out and mentioning the name of it.

After researching, Meiko hunts down the figurine and researches it. She then confronts Gakuto, knowing that if he admits it’s his, he will have admitted to aiding Kiyoshi in the escape. Gakuto ends up destroying it, deciding to protect his honour over the figurine. Shingo, upon returning from another outing, mentions that the piece was found in the restroom, causing Mari to faint.

Meiko is punished by having to wear a uniform that is too tight. The plan next moves onto Andre, and Chiyo happens to overhear it from the hallway.

Episode Thoughts

Things are heating up once again. Just like Kiyoshi did, now Shingo has a reason for wanting to be outside. And the girl, Anzu, asked him to see a movie with her, giving him a scrunchie to wear to signal that he can go. Meiko was once again the brunt of the fan service, and it was pretty interesting. Not often you see a girl riding a tiny horse like that.

Overall, it was a good episode, and I’m once again excited to see what happens next!

Episode Highlights

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