Prison School (Episode 8) – The Diary of Andre

The tension builds up as Andre begins to lose his composure over not being abused. In addition, Shingo continues his secret romance outside the prison with Anzu!

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The Diary of Andre

The plan to get the boys expelled is put into action once again, this time through a two-pronged attack. While Shingo is out on his movie date with Anzu, Meiko takes advantage of Andre’s pathetic state to lure him outside the prison. She succeeds, and Andre “breaks out”. In addition, Shingo is required to be back before 6:30pm, but we learn that Anzu was actually working with the underground student council all along after Shingo spills his own secrets to her about how he has been selling out his friends.

Shingo rushes to get back, but doesn’t make it in time due to a change that was made to the gate. Because of what happened, the chairman states that he will approve the expulsion within the next week. The boys decide that they need to do something to stop this.

Episode Thoughts

What a tense episode. It’s funny because while guys like Kiyoshi, Gakuto, and Shingo had their own motivations for doing what they did, Andre is just an idiot I think. How did he ever get by prior to the prison life? Shingo and Kiyoshi at least managed to get a date out of their betrayals. And Gakuto’s figurine was a “once every four years” exclusive. Andre is just an idiot.

Anyways, it seems that the battle isn’t over yet. We still have 4 episodes to go, so surely the boys will think of some way to save themselves. The underground student council is already celebrating, but it seems too soon for that!

Episode Highlights

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