Prison School OVA – Mad Wax

With the regular series over with, we get to enjoy one final look into the Prison School world with an OVA: Prison School – Mad Wax!

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Mad Wax

The three girls of the underground student council are locked up by the real student council, with the chairman’s permission. After this, we don’t see them again in the episode.

Instead, the episode pivots to the guys in their new free lives. Kiyoshi has Chiyo, and Shingo has Anzu. Andre somehow managed to become popular with girls by being a masochist. Then, we see Gakuto meet a girl in the library, who happens to be a massive klutz that accidentally exposes herself many, many times in the episode.

All that is left is Joe, who becomes disgruntled. Feeling desperate, he steals some rope from Andre’s desk, ties himself up, and exposes himself to a girl on campus. Andre, upon hearing the resulting rumours, suspects Joe and discovers that his rope is missing. He then sets out to find and stop Joe from doing it again.

Joe, planning to expose himself to a group of girls in the girls’ changeroom, is stopped at the last moment by a classmate who offers him a cupcake. Andre, who due to various ridiculous reasons is naked and sliding on the floor trying to get to Joe in time to stop him, ends up going into the changeroom himself. The other guys arrive and everyone figures that Andre was the pervert all along.

Episode Thoughts

It was a fun little episode, that had a completely different tone from the actual series. It felt almost like a parody of a typical harem slice of life with all of the tropes and ridiculous things happening. I was actually surprised that nothing was shown in regards to the now imprisoned underground student council, but I guess they couldn’t really fit much into a single episode anyways.

Not too much to say other than that this episode had a lot of fan service. Unfortunately, I could only get it in 480p when I watched it, so the highlights aren’t as crisp as the ones from the regular season. Regardless, you get the idea of what the OVA has to offer.

Episode Highlights

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