Rosario to Vampire (Episode 1) – New Life and a Vampire

In order to celebrate the Halloween spirit, we’ve decided to cover some Halloween themed anime, including Rosario to Vampire here at EcchiHunter!

Unable to get into a senior high school due to poor grades, Tsukune Aono’s options are looking slim – until his father happens to find an invitation to a certain senior high school.. Youkai Academy!

New Life and a Vampire

Tsukune begins his new school life after a long bus ride to Youkai Academy. The bus driver warns him that this isn’t an ordinary school… After driving through a long tunnel, they arrive at the school grounds. He begins to walk through a forest trying to find the school, when a pink-haired girl hits him with her bike. After smelling Tsukune’s blood, she introduces herself as a vampire and drinks some from his neck. We then learn she is Moka Akashiya.

Tsukune goes to class and learns that he is at a school for monsters, and only monsters. From staff to students. The school also has a rule that all monsters must remain in human form, as they are trying to learn how to blend into regular human society. Moka enters the class late and gets excited when she sees Tsukune there.

After class Moka and Tsukune spend time together, but many other guys at the school are already jealous of Tsukune. Moka mentions that she wears a rosary around her neck in order to keep her true vampire powers hidden. She’s also in tears and grateful for Tsukune’s friendship. Tsukune then sees a glimpse of Moka’s vampire form in his mind and becomes frightened.

He runs out of the school, planning to leave. Moka goes after him, but a male student chases after Moka and transforms into his true orc form. He throws her around, causing Tsukune to jump in to protect her. He gets thrown around a bit, and then he reaches out to Moka and accidentally takes her rosary off. She transforms into her vampire form and thrashes the orc, before going back to normal.

Tsukune decides to stay at the school. He also realizes that the bus only comes once a month…

Episode Thoughts

What an episode to kick off another series here at Ecchi Hunter! Hopeless guy accidentally enrolls into monster school… the premise alone is great. How will Tsukune manage to navigate this new life? He’s already been pretty lucky by landing a powerful vampire as his friend.

I’m thinking that by being human, Tsukune is going to end up attracting more attention than normal. Plus the other guys will be jealous of his closeness to Moka. So this story has really only just begun!

As for the ecchi, it’s looking like we’ve got a panty shot heavy anime here. So far, at least. Which is fine by me! Fan service comes in many different forms, after all. Perhaps we’ll see more variety in future episodes too, it’s still too early to tell.

Ecchi Highlights

Arrival & Introduction to Moka

New School, New Class

Moka’s Transformation & True Form

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