Rosario to Vampire (Episode 10) – Sunflowers and a Vampire

Rosario continues with the newspaper club’s summer trip to the beach, where they met a hostile witch named Ruby! Last episode ended with Tsukune being injured by her, and the girls getting quite angry…

Sunflowers and a Vampire

The episode begins with Ruby waking up to Tsukune and friends. It seems after she injured Tsukune, she herself was knocked out. But they didn’t want to harm her – only try and find a peaceful resolution. Once they tell Ruby she could go back to the academy with them, she begins to open up a bit to the idea. However, she still has a loyalty to her master at home.

Ruby sneaks out and meets her master. There she doubles down on her efforts to kill anyone that dares intrude on the sunflower field. Tsukune and friends go looking for her, only to find her and become tied up in vines. A battle ensues. Tsukune, spotting the house in the distance, begins to make his way over there.

He makes it and returns, telling Ruby that her master is dead. A dark part of her had manufactured a fake image of her master, causing her to act as if she was fulfilling her master’s desire when she wasn’t. She goes berserk, but is defeated.

The episode ends with Gin arriving to the scene after finishing his make-up classes, with Ruby in hand!

Episode Thoughts

Battle ecchi. I think that’s the best term to describe this episode! Ruby’s story was great, albeit predictable. I also really enjoyed the fact that this was a two-parter, continuing on from last episode and finally deviating away from the usual formula of something happening, and vampire Moka defeating someone.

But anyways, battle ecchi. The big highlight of this episode was the sheer amount of ecchi we got from the battle! Panty shots galore, and the fight itself lasted quite a while too. It was a good combination of the two elements, and felt better than just some ripped clothes here and there. Also, we need more ecchi villains that use vines as a weapon…

And because the anime likes to end on a happy note, it seems Ruby will be joining the school, possibly. She was still passed out in Gin’s arms (the way he prefers it… probably!), but it’s seeming like that will be the case.

Episode Highlights

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