Rosario to Vampire (Episode 11) – New Term and a Vampire

With summer break over, a new term begins at Youkai Academy. Which basically means… who is going to cause trouble with Tsukune and his harem next?

New Term and a Vampire

It’s back to school after the remainder of summer break was skipped over. Tsukune and the newspaper club immediately get to work on their first newspaper of the new term, and head out to hand them around… when they discover that there is a new newspaper club in town, called the Super Newspaper Club! The two clubs compete for a little bit, until Gin finds out that the rival club has ties to the school’s security committee.

Gin gives the order to give up. As they are tossing out the remaining newspapers they had printed, the rivals appear to harass Tsukune and Kurumu. Their leader ends up revealing her monster form, a spider woman, and attacking the two. The rest of the harem arrives on the scene shortly after and vampire Moka saves the day, as per usual!

Episode Thoughts

A fairly standard episode. It doesn’t seem like the formula is going to change anytime soon, so we got the usual, with someone causing trouble and eventually vampire Moka ending it in a very one-sided fight. Still, a fairly enjoyable episode and the ecchi is great as usual. Rosario to Vampire has really taken the idea of using swimsuits as fan service to heart, treating us to EVEN MORE swimsuits this episode!

Ecchi Highlights

A New Term – Rival Newspaper?

Aggressive Marketing!

Gin’s Usual Peeping

Confrontation + Fight!

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