Rosario to Vampire (Episode 12) – Security Committee and a Vampire

The newspaper club has begun collecting evidence to bring down the school’s public safety commission. However, before they can take any real action, the public safety commission strikes first!

Security Committee and a Vampire

The newspaper club has gathered photo evidence of the public safety commission extorting money and abusing their authority. All that’s left is some first-hand accounts to finish the story off. However, things quickly go awry before this can be done.

During class, the public safety commission arrests Tsukune under suspicions that he is a human. His classmates and teacher are all interviewed, and Moka is tortured using fresh water, a vampire’s weakness. Hearing that Moka will soon be killed if he doesn’t confess, Tsukune confesses to being human. It’s then revealed that all of his friends heard the confession – they leave, betrayed. Moka, who knew, is kept in custody for withholding the information.

Tsukune is sentenced to death.

Episode Thoughts

Things have gotten pretty intense here! And, another two-parter. Considering next episode is the last, seems we’ll get quite the conclusion.

Tsukune ended up confessing, but one could argue that it was under duress, as his friend’s life was threatened if he didn’t. I wonder how he’s going to get out of this one. I know his friends, while they feel betrayed right now, will probably come to his aid. But I wonder how they’ll end up allowing him to stay at the academy, being a human and all. Maybe he’ll be able to convince them that he actually is a monster, but can’t transform or something?

Either way, I’m actually curious to find out exactly how this one concludes!

Ecchi Highlights

Gathering Evidence!

The Usual Antics

Boobs, and Tsukune is Apprehended!


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