Rosario to Vampire (Episode 13) – Tsukune and a Vampire

Tsukune is currently about to be executed. His crimes? Being a human at a monster academy. How will Tsukune’s friends manage to save him and give this season a happy ending?

Tsukune and a Vampire

The various members of the newspaper club are all off moping in various places. But then, a crow appears before them and rounds them all up – Ruby! Together, the girls all confront the security commission and free Tsukune, retreating to the school rooftop. The president of the security commission chases after them, and pierces Tsukune’s heart with a bolt of fire.

As Tsukune dies in Moka’s arms, he pulls the rosary off her neck. Vampire Moka then knocks the security commission president away, and proceeds to give her blood to Tsukune in hopes of saving him. In the meantime, the other girls battle the enemy. Eventually, they are unable to hold him back as he has transformed into a powerful form. Tsukune wakes up from his slumber, and Moka is able to defeat the enemy with Gin’s help.

Afterwards, the other students all arrive on the roof to find the defeated security commission president on the ground, and Tsukune standing over him. They all assume Tsukune defeated him, and he is absolved of any suspicion of being a human.

Episode Thoughts

I think this was essentially the expected ending. Tsukune getting killed and brought back with Moka’s blood was a bit of a curveball though. Maybe going forward Tsukune will be part-vampire? That’d be neat.

There was a lot of action this episode, and not too much fan service when compared to both previous episodes and battles. Still, I think the focus for this episode was just to close it all out and I feel like the episode did a good job at that. I think it was a good ending to a good season.

Ecchi Highlights

Ruby Gathers the Crew

The Rescue

Tsukune is Killed


The End!

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