Rosario to Vampire (Episode 2) – Succubus and Vampire

Tsukune has come to terms with having to live at a high school for monsters… for the next 30 days at least, until the next bus shows up. After that, he can return to a regular human life. But will he be able to last that long?

Succubus and Vampire

Tsukune wakes up in the male monster dorms, navigating his way through the morning before class. On the way to school, he runs into Moka, who sleepily moves in and drinks some of Tsukune’s blood. This causes him to get irritated and run off.

He runs into a big breasted, blue-haired girl named Kurumu, from his class. She says that she is feeling sick, and Tsukune offers to take her to the infirmary. On the way though, she clings with Tsukune with her breasts pushing against him. She then uses magic to influence his mind.

Moka shows up to Kurumu clutching Tsukune. Because of the mind control, he tells her off saying that she was only with him for his blood. Something similar occurs after class. Kurumu takes Tsukune to the infirmary, pinning him down and planning on draining his energy via kiss. Moka’s rosary (her sealed vampire form) begins talking to her, telling her that Tsukune is under the control of a charm spell.

She goes to the infirmary and knocks Kurumu out the window. Kurumu sprouts wings and flies back, grabbing Tsukune. Moka grabs onto him as well and they all fall into the school grounds. Kurumu threatens to kill Moka with her claws and Tsukune takes off Moka’s rosary. With her true vampire form, Moka makes quick work of Kurumu.

Kurumu, faced with Moka’s aura of power and despair, begins bawling. Tsukune stands between them, asking Moka to spare Kurumu. She abides, and tells Tsukune that unlike her other form, she only likes him for his blood. She then changes back into pink-haired Moka.

The next day Moka and Tsukune are walking to class when Kurumu shows up with some cookies for Tsukune. Looks like we’ve got ourselves a harem situation!

Episode Thoughts

I’ve gotta admit, Kurumu is a very cute girl. Tsukune really lucked out to get her attention and win her over in the second episode. At this rate he’ll never want to leave the school! So he’s now got two girls in tow, and I’m sure that we’ll see more in no time.

My personal rating so far is a tie between vampire Moka and Kurumu, followed by regular Moka. It’s hard to say for the top spot, because Kurumu has the looks and curves, but vampire Moka has this very strong, capable, and mature element to her. Plus she’s still attractive, and I love red eyes on anime girls. Both have their merits, that’s for sure.

Moka mentioned that the seal on her rosary might be weakening, signaled by the fact that her vampire form was able to talk to her through the rosary. I wonder what that would lead to, and what would happen to pink-haired Moka. I understand sealing her powers, but it seems odd that she would have a different personality from her vampire form.

Anyways, we got a few more panty shots this episode. The real star though was Kurumu’s chest, which I’m looking forward to seeing more of already!

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