Rosario to Vampire (Episode 3) – Witchling and a Vampire

Tsukune seems to be finding his stride in his new life at the Monster Academy. What’s next for our lucky human protagonist? More girls?!

Witchling and a Vampire

We begin by being introduced to Yukari, the young witch, as she is watching Moka and Tsukune from a distance. She’s approached by three guys, and uses her magic to drop washbins on their heads. They get aggressive and Moka steps in to protect her. Moka and Tsukune sit with her at lunch, and she reveals that she is in love with Moka.

She walks out with Moka, while groping Moka’s breasts. Tsukune runs after them and Yukari then uses her magic to beat Tsukune up. He goes to the infirmary where Kurumi is there to treat him. He then ends up groping Kurumi’s breasts due to a voodoo doll created by Yukari. Tsukune confronts Yukari once again, but she runs off. The other girls mention that Yukari must be lonely, due to being part human, as witches are a cross between a human and monster, apparently.

The guys from earlier overheard Yukari’s identity as a witch, and get the student council involved. They grab Yukari and take her away from the school, break her wand, and transform into lizardmen. Just as they move to attack Yukari, Tsukune jumps in and protects her, getting slashed in the back. Moka then transforms and takes them down.

The episode ends with Yukari hugging Tsukune, stating that she loves both him and Moka, and that she felt “mature” when Tsukune jumped on her / protected her.

Episode Thoughts

This episode was pretty good. The ecchi content in this series so far has been very consistent – not too overt, but frequent. Lot of casual panty shots and the like. Of course, the part where Yukari was groping Moka was great too..

Tsukune’s harem is coming together. He never planned for it, but it’s happening. That’s how it usually goes for his type, the clueless harem protagonist. He’s filling the role perfectly, and even has his harem members fighting for him as he is too weak personally. But that doesn’t stop him from injuring himself for girls, and winning their hearts. Which is also standard for this genre.

Yukari is younger than Tsukune, 3 or 4 years. I can’t remember which. Making her the equivalent of a middle schooler I think? There’s usually a character like her in these harems, the younger one that clings to the protagonist and claims she’s going to marry him when she’s older. Stuff like that.

Anyways, so far this has been a very standard but well-done ecchi harem series. I’m looking forward to seeing what other characters end up in Tsukune’s harem, and more ecchi content!

Ecchi Highlights

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