Rosario to Vampire (Episode 4) – Farewell and a Vampire

We’re only a few episodes in and Tsukune already has accidentally managed to have 3 girls in his harem! And these are monster girls to boot! Can he keep up his rate of one girl per episode?

Farewell and a Vampire

It’s now been a month since he first enrolled in the Monster Academy, and Tsukune is living the good life with three girls clinging to him every chance they get. In fact, the life just might be too good… drawing the attention of some other angry men.

Tsukune is ambushed by three guys who claim to be a fan club for Moka, Kurumi, and Yukari. They beat on him until the girls show up to save him. This causes Tsukune to get depressed, feeling like he is too weak, as the girls are constantly protecting him from danger and not the other way around.

As a month has passed, the bus will be arriving soon for the real world. Tsukune is spotted with a bag heading towards the bus stop by Yukari. When he gets there, he is ambushed once again by the three fan club guys. They turn into weird monsters and attack him, and once again, the girls show up to save Tsukune. He gets a little sad again, but after the fight Vampire Moka and the other girls encourage him.

We then find out that he was only there to deliver some letters to the bus driver, and that Tsukune wasn’t actually trying to leave. The next day it’s revealed that the bus driver will be showing up once per day, and that cellphone reception to the outside world will now work in the Monster Academy.

Episode Thoughts

Well, the harem streak is broken. No new members this time. However, this was a nice episode that reinforces the strength of the bonds between Tsukune and his current harem. Which is important, of course. Plus there were still some nice ecchi touches here and there. That’s something that I’m really enjoying about Rosario to Vampire – how the ecchi is handled. Most of the time it’s just subtle panty shots and the like, but it just feels very natural and not too overt.

I wonder if the bus driver himself decided to show up more often as a response to Tsukune’s conviction to stay at the Monster Academy despite being a human, as the bus driver knows Tsukune is a human. He seemed impressed when he saw that Tsukune was only giving him some letters to take back, and not actually attempting to leave.

There was also a funny moment where Kurumi accuses Moka of drinking too much of Tsukune’s blood. Kurumi then turns to a ghoul-looking Tsukune who assures her he’s all right.

I think the series can only get better from here. Let’s get more girls, more panty shots, and more story!

Episode Highlights

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