Rosario to Vampire (Episode 5) – School Swimsuits and a Vampire

Rosario to Vampire, which already had a strong start, is pulling out all the stops in order to cement itself as a quality ecchi anime early on. Which brings us to a swimsuit episode only 5 episodes in!

School Swimsuits and a Vampire

The episode opens with Tsukune showing off his soccer skills, after which we learn that the school is having an event to help students find a club. And they are encouraged to join one, because that will help them practice participating in human-like activities!

Tsukune and Moka look around, and end up being called in by the swim club, which is all-female. After daydreaming about Moka in a swimsuit, Tsukune decides that he wants to give it a shot. Moka goes along with him, but she is not comfortable with water, which is a weakness of vampires, due to the link it has with holy water.

Kurumi and Yukari show up with their swimsuits and Tsukune ends up spending time with them as Moka had run off. There are a bunch of games that take place, and then afterwards the swim club members are helping the male recruits learn to swim. This is when they all reveal that they are mermaids, and begin draining the men of their energy.

Hearing the commotion, Moka runs back and then jumps into the water, where she sinks. Tsukune reaches her, unleashing her vampire form, and she takes care of the mermaids with Yukari’s help. The episode ends with their teacher suggesting they join the newspaper club, which she advises. Moka, Tsukune, Kurumi, and Yukari all sign up.

Episode Thoughts

A classic. Didn’t anyone wonder why the swim club was ONLY females? Well, they all found out in the end. Too hot to handle…

Most of the episode was just girls in swimsuits, plus Kurumi and Yukari. I actually quite like when ecchi anime throw in a bunch of background characters in swimsuits / changing in change rooms. It helps keep things fresh to get some ecchi content of random girls that we won’t see again, even if they are more generic than the main characters.

Story was nothing crazy, another episode where something happens and then Vampire Moka saves the day. It really was all about those swimsuits, and there were some great shots.

Not much else to say though! Rosario to Vampire started out strong, and while last episode was a little lacking, the anime came right back at us with a fan service episode here. Let’s hope they can keep up the pace!

Ecchi Highlights

Soccer + Club Hunt

Tsukune’s Daydream

Hitting the Pool

Pool Games

Mermaids Make Their Move


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