Rosario to Vampire (Episode 6) – Newspaper Club and a Vampire

Tsukune and friends have joined the newspaper club, and just in time to investigate some new rumours of a peeping tom at the school!

Newspaper Club and a Vampire

We are introduced to the newspaper club’s president – Gin, a ladies man who seems to act kind to their faces but has ulterior motives… The club decides that they are going to investigate the rumours of a peeping tom on campus, and get to work putting out posters. Tsukune calls Gin out for peeping on the girls while they put posters up, but ends up getting blamed himself.

Gin then finds out that Moka was seen “kissing Tsukune’s neck”, and decides to frame Tsukune as the rumoured peeping tom. Several times he goads Tsukune into being in a situation where he appears to be peeping. Moka and the girls get upset at Tsukune. He also takes pictures of Tsukune in the act.

At night, Gin goes to comfort Moka as she is distraught over Tsukune. But before he can put the moves on, Kurumi and Yukari arrive and expose him for having framed Tsukune. He then transforms into a werewolf. Tsukune shows up and takes off Moka’s rosary. The two fight and as usual, Moka wins.

Episode Thoughts

This was one of those episodes where I felt like we didn’t actually need a fight at the end. Sometimes I think it’d be nice to end the episode on a more diplomatic note, or in some way that doesn’t involve fighting. Kurumi and Yukari caught Gin after he said something he shouldn’t have, and I thought that was a clever enough ending. But I guess they really wanted to show us a werewolf this time, plus they do like showing Moka’s panties in the fights!

Something else I enjoyed from this episode was all of the ecchi content we got featuring background characters – random girls at the school. I enjoyed this last episode with the swimsuits, and this time it was with random girls changing. It’s a nice touch and I appreciate when ecchi anime don’t use only the main characters, branching out the ecchi to the more ordinary background characters.

Overall this was another great episode of Rosario to Vampire. Plenty of panty shots and ecchi, as well as a fun premise.

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