Rosario to Vampire (Episode 7) – Snow Girl and a Vampire

Now that the newspaper club has been sorted out, sort of, what’s next for Tsukune and friends? At the very least, we can count on some great ecchi moments from the series!

Snow Girl and a Vampire

The newspaper club has been successfully operating ever since the whole ordeal with Gin, who remains as the club president. In fact, things are going so well that everyone has decided to celebrate their success! But before they do so, a certain girl approaches Tsukune asking for a newspaper – Shirayuki.

She then approaches Tsukune again, later. We find out that she loves Tsukune, because of how he writes from the perspective of someone who is weak. So she kidnaps him. Moka and Kurumu end up rescuing Tsukune.

They then find out that Shirayuki is going to be expelled, for attacking a teacher, and go looking for her. She loses control of her powers after creating several ice puppets of herself, and Tsukune catches her when she almost falls off a cliff. Moka destroys the puppets, and they manage to convince Shirayuki that there is a place for her.

Naturally we find out that Shirayuki was framed as the teacher had made moves on her first. And with that, another girl has joined the harem – Shirayuki, the yuki-onna!

Episode Thoughts

First off, I recently realized in my Kurumu Waifu post that I’ve been calling her the wrong name by calling her Kurumi. At some point I guess I got it wrong and kept going with it! Anyways, her name is Kurumu, not Kurumi, and I’ll hopefully stay on top of that now!

We’ve been introduced to another harem member with Shirayuki, and she’s quite different from what we have so far. Very calm and composed, until she isn’t, but for the most part she’s a “kuudere” from what I’ve seen. Seemingly cold and emotionless, but then warm towards the one she loves… that’s the impression I get. Plus she’s always got a lollipop for style points, as well as purple striped panties, the colour of which matches her hair!

Anyways the story itself was basic enough, Tsukune “rescued” Shirayuki, and now she’s part of the team. Again I sort of wish we’d have an episode that didn’t use the exact same formula of “something happens”, “things ramp up”, “Moka fights someone”. It’s fine right now, but I’m just thinking for future episodes perhaps a little variety in episode structure would be nice.

Ecchi Highlights

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  1. Snow Girl = Best Girl.


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