Rosario to Vampire (Episode 8) – Math and a Vampire

Midterms are coming up, and Tsukune has been struggling with his studies thanks to everything that’s been happening recently. Luckily for him, his beautiful math teacher decides to step up and tutor him!

Math and a Vampire

With midterms coming soon, Tsukune realizes that he has to make a better effort to study, as he’s fallen behind in math class. His seductive teacher asks him a question in class one day and he is unable to answer it, causing her to be “concerned”. After class, Tsukune goes and studies with his harem, and he finds Moka’s notes really useful.

After the study session, Tsukune and Moka run into their math teacher. She then scolds Tsukune, and orders him to meet her after class the following day. And so, Tsukune arrives, for a very unique tutoring session…

Tsukune’s harem realizes that he has been acting odd, almost as if he was in a trance, as Tsukune wanders around mindlessly repeating math formulas to himself. And so, they go and check up on his tutoring session, where they find the math teacher abusing him, in an odd way… her tail has a mouth or something on the end, and she put it on his head and began to electrocute him…

Anyways, the episode ends as they always do, with vampire Moka saving the day.

Episode Thoughts

Well well, who would have thought that the sexy math teacher was actually using her looks and status as a teacher to prey on her male students? She definitely didn’t give off that vibe…

Just kidding, I think it was pretty clear from the moment we met her that she would be up to no good like this. But luckily for us, that ended up being a pretty good thing as we got plenty of great ecchi moments this episode. It’s not actually that often we get ecchi content featuring a more mature character like this math teacher whose name I never actually learned. I think most of the time she was just referred to as “sensei”, which doesn’t really help.

Overall, it was another fun episode that managed to inject ecchi right into the story. However, once again, I will say that the whole “vampire Moka saves the day” is feeling a bit too common now. I’m just expecting that to be the ending of every episode I watch now, because that’s all it’s been since episode 1!

Ecchi Highlights

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