Rosario to Vampire (Episode 9) – Summer Break and a Vampire

It’s summer break in the Rosario to Vampire world! And you know what that means… the beach! And MORE swimsuits! Who would have thought an ecchi harem featuring a vampire would give us so many swimsuits?

Summer Break and a Vampire

Summer break begins, and the Newspaper Club is going on a trip to the beach, in the human world! Minus Gin, who had to stay behind because of his poor grades. Once there, we get to see some swimsuits as everyone tosses a volleyball around, before going swimming.

Afterwards, they head to a nearby sunflower field, and hear about a rumoured witch that resides in the area. Then they go to make camp. Yukari tries to pitch in and help with something, but everyone shoos her away. So she goes for a little walk, and then runs into another witch named Ruby.

Ruby wants to befriend Yukari, and explains that she is protecting the sunflower field from humans that want to destroy it. Then, Tsukune arrives for Yukari and Ruby attacks him. Yukari intervenes, and is then attacked herself. Yukari manages to muster enough power to fight Ruby off, just as the other girls arrive. Ruby then spawns vines behind Tsukune and stabs him in the back, enraging the girls…

Episode Thoughts

Finally a break from the formula!

We get to meet the witch Ruby, who is pretty cute, but also really hates humans. I can’t imagine she’ll last long next episode, with vampire Moka, Kurumu, and Shirayuki all out for blood after she hurt Tsukune. We’ll have to see how that goes.

But what I can’t believe is the sheer number of swimsuits we’ve seen this season! Not only did we have that pool episode that was absolutely packed with swimsuits, but we also had Tsukune’s daydreams last episode, and then we get more swimsuits this episode on the beach. Rosario to Vampire truly is the anime of panty shots and swimsuits.

An excellent combination, as they are not the same at all, and both offer a different ecchi experience, if I might say so myself!

One other point that I find funny is how Tsukune is always peeking at Moka’s cleavage and getting flustered, and yet he never does the same with Kurumu! I guess she doesn’t spend enough time wrapped around his arm..

This is also the first open-ended episode, meaning that the action will continue on in episode 10!

Ecchi Highlights

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