Rosario to Vampire (Season One)

Rosario to Vampire’s first season has wrapped up! After all the panty shots, swimsuits, and monster-on-human action, how was it in terms of ecchi and enjoyment?

Rosario to Vampire Moka Class

Rosario to Vampire

Our story follows Tsukune, a human who has failed to get into any high schools of his choice. However, luck finds him as his parents manage to secure him placement at a high school – Yokai Academy! The catch? It’s a school for monsters only. Soon after arriving, Tsukune runs into a vampire, named Moka. The two become friends and Tsukune begins his hectic life of high school!

The Premise

Rosario to Vampire has a real fun premise, and I enjoyed it. A human at a school for monsters, it sounds like the perfect idea for some very interesting situations. Especially if many of the female monsters end up attracted to Tsukune because of his “human-like” scent. So not only do we get a fun situation, but we also get to see Tsukune form a harem of monstergirls.

If anything, the one downside I’d say for this is that because all of the monsters have human forms, for the most part it’s just your typical fan service. Perhaps there was opportunity for some more monster-ish fan service, but then again I’m not sure about that either. Regardless, it was necessary as if the monsters didn’t have human forms Tsukune would be found out fairly quickly!

Rosario to Vampire Kick

The Fan Service

Rosario to Vampire does an excellent job with ecchi content. In addition to making the panty shot an absolute staple, to the point where it feels extremely casual and common, we also get many episodes featuring girls in swimsuits. Both of these things are great in my books.

Because of the prevalence of short skirts on girls, even the battles in this anime end up giving us plenty of panty shots to enjoy. And, as you’d expect, the harem features a variety of girls, giving us a variety of ecchi content.

The fan service, and how casual it feels in Rosario to Vampire, was really well done.

Rosario to Vampire Ecchi Yukari Kurumi Swimsuit

The Formula

If I had to take issue with anything from Rosario to Vampire, it was just the formula used for majority of the episodes. While the story, and fan service were both great overall, the formulaic approach made the season less enjoyable than I feel it could have been.

The formula was essentially this: Tsukune and harem go about their lives, someone takes issue to Tsukune or his harem, Tsukune is protected by his harem, and vampire Moka takes out the offender.

It can vary a little bit through each episode, but that’s basically how each episode of Rosario to Vampire plays out. There were a couple instances where the story was broken into two episodes, but even then the formula is still used, only stretched out across two episodes.

The formula isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it does make getting through the episodes feel a little more bland and predictable.

Season Highlights

There were many great ecchi moments from this season, so here’s a taste of what Rosario to Vampire has to offer!


Story / Characters – Good

The premise and ideas behind Rosario to Vampire are great, and the story itself is fun to watch. However, the formulaic approach used here really took it’s toll on my viewing experience, and made episodes almost feel too predictable. As a result, I feel like Good is the rating that best fits Rosario to Vampire based on my viewing experience.

Ecchi Content – Hot

Rosario to Vampire does a great job with ecchi content. There are more panty shots and swimsuits than you could really ask for in a single season of anime. And I did enjoy how frequent they were. However, as a result of that the panty shots end up losing impact. Seeing the same white panties when vampire Moka kicks every single episode gets a bit stale. I feel like there was some potential there to keep things fresh throughout.

Rosario to Vampire Moka True Form

Wrapping Up…

If you’re looking for a casual harem anime that uses an interesting premise and has plenty of fan service to enjoy, Rosario to Vampire is a great choice. While it’s not the most exciting anime out there, it still has a good story and is an enjoyable anime overall!

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