Sekirei (Episode 10) – Tsukiumi’s Conundrum

Sekirei Title

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Minato has decided to help Kuno and Shigi escape the city, despite MBI having locked down the entire city. Some of his sekirei are not the biggest fans of this decision…

The Night Before The Escape

In order to plan out the escape, Minato brings Kuno and Shigi to Seo’s place. After having Miya provide some motivation for Seo over the phone, he agrees to help and they sit down to strategize. Seo points out all of the areas of the city that are under control by powerful ashikabi, and reveals the best place for the escape attempt – a railway bridge in the north.

Meanwhile, Tsukiumi is firmly against the plan, as she believes it is the sekirei’s duty to fight each other, and Kuno is running away from that. She spars with Miya and has her clothes cut off of her body, with Miya mentioning that she has a lot to teach Tsukiumi.

That night, a going-away party is held for Kuno and Shigi, because the operation begins the night after. Tsukiumi approaches Minato about the situation, but ends up shying away in her usual tsundere fashion. The next night, everyone gathers outside the Maison Izumo, ready to begin the escape operation. Tsukiumi stays behind.

Episode Thoughts

Well, we finally got our Tsukiumi ecchi episode. Plenty of moments featuring her, and I also believe that the only nudity this episode was of Tsukiumi. The only weird thing about Tsukiumi is that her breasts always seem larger when she is clothed.

Tsukiumi aside, this episode was mostly just preparation for what is to come. The only action we got was Miya sparring with Tsukiumi, and that fight was only a few moments. So most of the episode was discussion. We did get to see the electric twins again though, this time in their pajamas!

I guess overall this was just an alright episode. It’s setting up for the last few episodes of the season, so I feel like it was necessary, but it did feel a bit bland overall.

Ecchi Highlights

Sparring With Miya

Tsukiumi Confronts Minato


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