Sekirei (Episode 11) – Escape Commencement

Sekirei Title

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With the plan having been created, it’s now time for Minato, Seo, and their sekirei to commence the operation. Their goal – to get Kuno and Shigi out of the city!

Sekirei Crest Erasure

The episode opens with the discipline squad in the bath. Or one of them at least, the Black Sekirei. She brings up a memory of Sekirei 08 – the Sekirei of Fate. Who also turns out to be Musubi’s mother, as we can see in the flashback. It seems the discipline squad is aware that something is going to happen this night.

Everyone except for Tsukiumi heads out. Seo and the twins hit a nearby power station in order to both cause a distraction and take out power to the bridge where the escape will take place. Matsu hacks the MBI satellites. And finally, Kusano creates a distraction on a nearby civilian bridge.

All that remains is for Musubi, Minato, Kuno, and Shigi to cross the railway bridge where they planned on making the escape. Unfortunately for them, MBI was one step ahead and had anticipated this.

Soldiers respond faster than intended, forcing Kusano to hide in a giant vine of her creation. This causes Matsu to take action – she hops on a motorcycle, rocket launcher on hand, and heads to the bridge to rescue Kusano. After the rescue Matsu and Kusano ride through the city causing chaos as Kusano sprouts giant vines from the ground.

On the railway bridge, Musubi is stopped by two members of the discipline squad – Benitsubasa and Haihane. Benitsubasa steps up to be Musubi’s opponent. They fight back and forth for a while, before Benitsubasa destroys a portion of the bridge causing Minato to almost fall. As he clings to the edge she uses his position to bait Musubi in before dealing a final series of attacks to her.

The episode ends with Tsukiumi having been convinced by Miya that she should be with Minato, and with Musubi’s sekirei crest disappearing after being defeated by Benitsubasa.

Episode Thoughts

Surprisingly this episode had the least amount of ecchi content from the entire season so far. I guess they wanted to give us something a little more serious so they laid off the anime nipples and panties for a while. There’s still some, mind you, but not nearly as much as we’ve seen in past episodes.

And so what we got was a pretty action packed episode! Watching everyone complete their respective roles in the escape was fun. Seo and the Twins blasting soldiers and escaping, Kusano and Matsu blasting some soldiers and rolling through the city.. and Musubi fighting Benitsubasa. Not bad at all.

Naturally we’ll have to wait until next episode to see what happens next in the season 1 finale. Musubi may be down for the count now, but it’s clear that she’s special given her mother was the Sekirei of Fate. Plus Tsukiumi will very likely show up next episode to save the day in some capacity.

Until then, how about some highlights?

Episode Highlights

Discipline Squad & Flashback

Kazehana Spectating

Seo & Twins

Kusano & Matsu

Haihane & Benitsubasa

Musubi vs. Benitsubasa

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