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Last episode, Musubi lost her sekirei crest to Benitsubasa during their battle on the bridge. It’s looking hopeless for Minato and friends against the powerful discipline squad duo. Where’s Tsukiumi when you need her?

Sekirei of Fate

With Musubi down and out for the count, the discipline squad is now free to take out Kuno – the sekirei that was trying to escape with her ashikabi Shigi. In an act of desperation Kuno activates her special ability, a song that drains the strength of everyone around her. Unfortunately it also seems to cause damage to herself, and after singing for too long ends up coughing up blood.

Benitsubasa picks up Minato who has been sobbing about Musubi’s loss, but he then gets a shot of determination and hits Benitsubasa. This pisses her off, and causes her to attempt to kill Minato. But, just as you’d expect, Tsukiumi shows up in the nick of time to stop the attack. After finding out about Musubi’s loss, Tsukiumi goes into a rage and takes on both discipline squad members. She holds her own for a while but eventually is outsmarted as Hirohana collapses a section of the bridge onto Tsukiumi, trapping her.

Meanwhile in the city, Minato’s sister who has been with a sekirei named Shiina for the last 6 or so episodes is in the city looking for Kusano with Shiina. They don’t find Kusano but run into one of the bigshot ashikabi and his sekirei crew. The ashikabi tries to take Shiina for his sekirei collection, but Minato’s sister ends up scoring a kiss on Shiina first, unlocking Shiina’s powers. A wave of undeath eminates from Shiina and the enemies retreat.

On the bridge, things are looking fire once again with Tsukiumi being trapped as she is. But then once again in the nick of time something happens – Musubi’s body becomes enveloped in light and she comes back to life. Only it’s not Musubi, it’s Yume, the sekirei of fate (who I’m pretty sure is / was her mother). Yume then takes out the discipline squad, causing the Black Sekirei, who has some sort of grudge against Yume, to come out. The Black Sekirei goes in for the kill on Yume but just as her blade is about to strike Yume relinquishes control of her body back to Musubi.

Kuno and Shigi then make it to the other side of the bridge with the unseen help of Uzume, and safely escape the city as Minato and his sekirei stay behind.

The episode ends with a bunch of little clips of the characters as they adjust into everyday life once again, while hinting at more to come in the sequel!

Episode Thoughts

Well, this was quite the climactic episode. And unlike last episode, we got a good deal of ecchi in addition to all of the action! Mostly of Musubi, but that’s pretty much a trend of the series.

I’d say that this episode was very predictable. It was obvious that Tsukiumi was going to show up to help out at some point, and it was also clear that Musubi was going to regain her powers someway or another. It was sort of implied that Yume may be involved, although I figured she would show up, not take over Musubi’s body. Still, I wasn’t entirely surprised at anything that happened.

My verdict for this episode would be: enjoyable but predictable. No real cliffhangers for next season aside from “stay tuned for more of this”. Well, I guess there is a bit of a cliffhanger with both Kazehana and Kagari (who has been changing into a girl throughout the series as a result of being a sekirei or something) potentially joining the Minato harem next season. So there’s your cliffhanger.

Shouldn’t have to wait too long though as I plan on getting to S2 shortly here on Ecchi Hunter! I’m curious to see if this season will just flow into the next, or if there will be any noticeable changes in terms of art / animation, storytelling, etc.

My biggest question though is will S2 keep going with the obligatory nude bath scenes? Or maybe they’ll get more creative with the nude ecchi?

We’ll see soon enough!

Ecchi Highlights

Kuno’s Singing

Minato Angers Benitsubasa + Spectators

Uzume & Kazehana

Tsukiumi Arrives

Matsu & Kusano, Minato’s Sister & Shiina

Yume’s Awakening

The Black Sekirei

Episode End

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