Sekirei (Episode 2) – The Door to the New Residence

Sekirei Title

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After being kicked out of his apartment due to breaking one of the rules, Minato and Musabi are forced to find a new one. Lucky for them, they manage to stumble into a cheap boarding house! Only, this boarding house seems to be harboring some interesting characters…

The Door to the New Residence

Minato and Musubi happen to fall into the grounds of a boarding house, one containing several other characters of interest. For starters, there is Kagari, a male who we’ve seen before using fire powers. I suppose he is a male sekirei? There is also Uzume, a female sekirei. And finally, there is Miya, the landlady.

After moving in (with some help from his little sister), Minato sits outside while Musubi takes a bath. Uzume walks in and joins her, but Musubi attacks the moment she finds out Uzume is a sekirei. After all, sekirei are supposed to fight each other. After breaking some things and fighting on the grounds wearing only towels, Miya comes out and enforces the rule that there is to be no violence at the boarding house.

Minato also meets a little girl in distress, in his dreams. Her name is Kusano, and she seems to be trapped in a forest somewhere. I’m guessing she’s going to be of importance in future episodes.

Kagari (Left) and Uzume (Right)
Ecchi Art Digital Sub

Episode Thoughts

Overall, not too much happened in this episode from a story perspective. Minato and Musubi moved into the boarding house, and Minato dreamed of Kusano after touching a tree. We also saw Kagari (in disguise) confront a very well-endowed blonde character on a rooftop. At this stage it feels like the anime is setting up to introduce us to more characters, and perhaps some action as well.

As for the ecchi, well, episode 2 really delivered!
I’ll let the images speak for themselves here.

Ecchi Highlights

Falling Into A New Home

Uzume’s Introduction + Musubi’s Shower

Moving, Bath Fight, And Bombshell Blonde!

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