Sekirei (Episode 3) – The Green Girl

Sekirei Title

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Musubi learns some new tricks, Minato starts a new job, and we meet the dream girl from last episode in person.

The Green Girl

After moving into their new home, Minato and Musubi wake to find that the landlady, Miya, is very skilled with the sword. Musubi challenges her to a fight, and is unable to land a single blow. It turns out Miya is a very quick and skilled combatant.

We also find out that Minato has a new job, working at a construction site of all places. There we meet Seo, another construction worker who also happens to be the Ashikabi for the electric twins we met in previous episodes. After work, Seo brings Minato to look for the “Green Girl” (Kusano), an unbound Sekirei that is supposed to be somewhere in the nearby forest.

Turns out that someone else is after Kusano as well, and they sent a scythe-wielding Sekirei to find her. To be honest, if we did get her name, I didn’t hear it. Minato arrives just as the scythe Sekirei is cornering Kusano, and he tackles her (making sure to grope her breast in the process). Musubi shows up, gets her clothes destroyed in a fight, and then ends up winning thanks to what she learned from Miya earlier.

Kusano goes home with Minato and the episode ends as she chooses him to be her Ashikabi.

Seo & the Twins

Episode Thoughts

Despite the story advancement we got here, with Kusano joining Minato’s team of Sekirei alongside Musubi, I felt like not very much happened. I guess I should say this was just a very straightforward episode, with a straight one scene after another until the end.

That said, it was a fun episode. Seo and the Twins are fun characters that have great chemistry (often resulting in the Twins electrocuting him), and the fight between Musubi and the scythe Sekirei was great. Once again we are reminded that Musubi’s clothes are not very well made, and tear apart at the slightest of agitation.

Minato’s team (harem) now grows to two Sekirei, and the anime has already hinted at more Sekirei to come in the future. We’re just getting started here!

Ecchi Highlights

Musubi’s Morning Sparring Session

Seo and the Twins

Minato Tackle + Musubi’s Fight

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