Sekirei (Episode 5) – The Rapidly Expanding Harem

Sekirei Title

Minato is pounced upon by the Maison Izumo’s mysterious red-haired guest while in the bath. It seems she is very interested in Minato, but we don’t know too much about her. Looks like we’re about to find out though!

The Water Sekirei

After being bombarded by orbital strikes due to Matsu hacking into the orbital weaponry, Musubi arrives home dirty and with her clothes all torn up. And so Musubi manages to make an appearance in the bath to see Matsu on top of Minato. Matsu whips out a gun that fires a net on Musubi, and then goes back to making advances on Minato.

Miya, the landlady, shows up and puts an end to everything. We then learn about how Matsu has run into some trouble with MBI (the mega-corp that created the sekirei) and is in hiding, which is why she has a hidden room at the boarding house. That night, Matsu enters Minato’s room and kisses him, sealing the deal and officially joining the harem as one of his sekirei.

Meanwhile, Kagari is out prowling the streets again. He runs into two sekirei that we’ve seen before, sekirei that work for the ashikabi (sekirei’s master) that tried to kidnap Kusano from the forest in episode 3. He scares the two sekirei off, but loses control of his fire ability and begins to burn himself. Tsukiumi, another sekirei, douses Kagari with water. They chat a little, and Tsukiumi mentions she can feel her destined ashikabi nearby, and vows to kill him.

Minato dreams of Tsukiumi, and mentions this to Matsu. They then formulate a plan to track down Tsukiumi, which Matsu calls “Thrilling Kill or be Killed Sekirei Hunting Mission of Love!”.

The episode ends just as Tsukiumi comes in contact with Minato, after chasing the twins that had gone after her.

Episode Thoughts

Hmm, I think this was an all right episode. The only thing that I think was a bit odd was how Matsu just joined the harem, just like that. I know Minato would never object, and that’s all right, but it feels like he hasn’t done anything to merit another sekirei joining his harem like this. I guess it’s a case of right place, right time?

We also don’t know what Matsu’s sekirei power is either. It must have something to do with computers though, from how her character is setup. Which would put Matsu firmly into the “advisor” role for the harem – staying back in her room while providing information to the others. She can also hack satellites to cause orbital bombardments, although I wonder how useful those will actually be.

Tsukiumi was attacked by the twins, who only go after unbound sekirei, thinking she would be easy prey. But she manages to overpower their attacks, causing them to run. Clearly Tsukiumi is quite powerful. Her curves are also quite powerful… is there a co-relation here? Looking forward to what happens with Tsukiumi, and I’d also like to see her join the harem. Maybe we’ll get some nice images of Tsukiumi wrapped around Minato soon, although she is pretty tsundere from the looks of things.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Musubi failing to catch Miya’s blade while sparring.

Ecchi Highlights

This was actually the first episode with no nudity… well, there was nudity, but it was just a clip of Matsu’s breasts from last episode. So the only nudity in this episode was already featured last week, making this the first “safe-for-work” Sekirei post!

Musubi Post Orbital Bombardment

Matsu Moments

Tsukiumi Highlights

The Twins Make Another Appearance

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