Sekirei (Episode 7) – Sekirei Plan Phase 2

Sekirei Title

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A mysterious powerful sekirei visits the Maison Izumo, and MBI has seized control of the city. It seems that “phase 2” of the Sekirei Plan has begun..

The Black Sekirei

The episode opens up with the president of the MBI on top of the clocktower in the centre of the city – his favourite place to be. We witness a flashback where he discovered an alien ship containing a pod with a woman inside. This must have something to do with the origins of the sekirei.

Minato wakes up to all four girls of his harem clinging to him in bed. This causes Miya, the landlady, to get angry and separate the girls into their own rooms as these sort of things are not allowed in the boarding house. Shortly after, Miya leaves to run errands, and a woman who is acquainted with Musubi shows up. After some conversation with Musubi, she leaves. We find out she is called the “Black Sekirei”. She runs into Miya on her way out, and Miya threatens her to never visit again.

Matsu also picks up on another development – the rapid deployment of MBI’s military force throughout the city. This is when a broadcast appears on TV with MBI’s president, stating that MBI has seized the city, but that people are to carry on as normal. Apparently this is the signal for phase 2 of the sekirei plan, and means that a certain number of sekirei have now found ashikabi and are ready to fight.

The Black Sekirei encounters two of the sekirei we’ve seen before, lackeys for a certain ashikabi who treats his sekirei like slaves. She proceeds to kill one of them, a blonde sekirei that wields a whip.

The episode ends with a scene of two random sekirei fighting each other, signalling that the fighting is going to be ramping up.

Episode Thoughts

Aside from the Black Sekirei killing someone, the only real action we got this episode was the two sekirei fighting at the end. One fought with knives, and the other was a sekirei clad in long white robes that somehow used them to fight. I have a feeling we’ll see more of the white robed sekirei, as she won the fight and seems interesting.

The only other interesting tidbit from this episode was that the Black Sekirei called Miya “Number 01”, meaning that Miya is the first sekirei. For some reason I don’t think Miya is the same as the girl that the MBI president found in the pod, but maybe she is a clone?

Overall, this episode felt like it was more about setting up than anything else. While these kind of episodes aren’t as exciting, the plus side is always that we can expect more action soon enough.

Ecchi Highlights

Waking Up With The Harem

Tsukiumi Adjusting to Her New Life + Maid Outfit

Sekirei Tsukiumi Tall Image

The Black Sekirei

Musubi-Assisted Boob Grab

The White Robe Clad Sekirei

And Finally, the Girl in the Pod (Flashback)

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