Sekirei (Episode 8) – Confrontation & Conflict

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With the Sekirei Plan having advanced to Phase 2, the city is currently on lockdown, and some sekirei are on the run. Unfortunately it seems there is a discipline squad comprised of sekirei that exists for the sole purpose of making sure sekirei can’t opt out of the Sekirei Plan.

The Closed Capital

After cleaning the boarding house’s baths, Minato stops by Matsu’s room. She tells him that she has obtained access to MBI’s database, and is able to keep track of all registered sekirei and their battles. The only exception is a mysterious sekirei that is winning battles but isn’t waiting around afterwards for MBI to show up so they can gain credit for the victory. And so their identity is unknown.

Minato’s sister, who is harbouring a sekirei, mentions that they will go and look for Ku-chan, the sekirei’s little sister. Apparently the sekirei doesn’t yet realize they are a sekirei, and I still can’t tell if the sekirei is an effeminate male (which is what Minato’s sister thinks) or a female. I’m not sure that males can be sekirei, but then there is Homura, the fire sekirei, that is male so I guess it is possible…

It also appears that Uzume has been coming and going a lot more lately, missing meals and staying out. She arrives back at the boarding house with blood on her pants, which Matsu notices. We then see Uzume at the hospital with her ashikabi who is bedridden. We find out that Uzume has been hunting down rogue sekirei for MBI, likely in return for their care of her ashikabi.

Musubi and Tsukiumi decide to go look for the unknown sekirei, and they find her – the white robed sekirei from last episode, who also happens to be Uzume. In addition, a sake drinking sekirei appears. It seems there will be a battle fought next episode.

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Episode Thoughts

More developments in the sekirei world this episode, that’s for sure. It’s hard to say whether Uzume is a part of the discipline squad, or a separate actor who is working for MBI out of desperation. Maybe MBI has promised her that they will heal her ashikabi if she does their bidding. Or maybe she just intends on winning the entire thing by beating all the other sekirei, and MBI is helping her by giving her the locations of other sekirei.

Either way, she’s been caught out by Musubi and Tsukiumi. And I don’t think she would be able to beat them. But that sake drinking sekirei has also shown up, and I’m not sure what her deal is. We’ve only seen her once before, sitting on a scaffolding overlooking the city while drinking. I wonder if she’s part of the discipline squad, or will join in. I’m thinking she will only because Uzume doesn’t stand a chance against her two opponents at the moment.

Once again there was a lack of action this episode. But we did get plenty of fan service, so it wasn’t all that bad. Plus we’re guaranteed a big fight right away next episode, which means more shots of Uzume in her white robes!

Ecchi Highlights

Cleaning the Bath

Grocery Shopping Rivalry


Obligatory Bath Scene

Confronting Uzume

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