Sekirei (Episode 9) – Escape Plans

Sekirei Title

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Having caught the robed sekirei, Tsukiumi was just about ready to defeat her. But before she can, a certain sake drinking woman gets in her way…

Veil And Wind

Tsukiumi is beginning to overwhelm Uzume, the robed sekirei, with her water ability. But before she can win the fight, the sake drinking sekirei gets in the way. She announces herself as Kazehana, Sekirei Number 03. Kazehana then uses her ability, which seems to involve cherry blossoms, to escape with Uzume.

Meanwhile, Musubi leaves the scene with the weak sekirei and her ashikabi. She brings Minato to meet with them. The sekirei is Kuno, and her ashikabi is Shigi. As we’d already seen last episode, they are trying to escape the capital so they can live peacefully. While they aren’t sure how they are going to escape, they ask Minato if he could help them out.

The next morning, Minato wakes up to naked Uzume and Kazehana at his sides – they had stumbled in after a night of drinking. At breakfast, Minato explains the situation with Kuno and Shigi to his Tsukiumi, Kazehana, and Uzume. It was supposed to be a secret, but apparently Minato doesn’t honour secrets. He also speaks with Matsu, who tells him the risks of aiding their escape – making an enemy of MBI.

We find out that all of the sekirei as we know them were actually found in pods inside an advanced ship on a remote island – not just that one that we saw in a prior episode. So MBI sees the sekirei as property, in many ways. The episode ends with Musubi encouraging Minato to challenge MBI and try the impossible.

Episode Thoughts

While the action itself was short lived, we did get a lot of NSFW images this episode! In addition, the plot is coming along nicely. I don’t have too many words for this episode in particular, but I’d say that it was fairly good.

We’ve been properly introduced to Kazehana, but don’t really know what she’s about at the moment. She’s powerful, but doesn’t seem to have any bad intentions. Uzume is still in a pinch, and may act out of desperation in the future. I think she’ll come around eventually though.

The real question here is, will either of these sekirei end up joining the harem? There’s always room for more, right?

Ecchi Highlights

Tsukiumi’s Panties

Matsu’s Advances

Musubi Highlights

Obligatory Bath Scene


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