Sekirei: Pure Engagement (Episode 1) – Incomplete Harem?

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It’s back to the usual lazing around the boarding house in episode 1 of Sekirei: Pure Engagement! While nothing too exciting occurs this episode, it does serve as a fairly peaceful introduction back to the series.

Silent Omen

The episode opens up with a flashback to what appears to be the early days of the Sekirei, or perhaps it’s just the old discipline squad. They are on an island, and they lay waste to a military unit. Among them is Yume, the Black Sekirei, Matsu, and I believe Kazehana also. It’s hard to say what the flashback is trying to tell us right now though.

After that, we get back into the daily life of Minato and his harem. Kusano gets upset in the kitchen, causing the plants outside to go bersesrk and tie Minato, Musubi, and Matsu up. Tsukiumi enters the room and blasts them with water, which causes the plant to grow even more and add her to the mix.

Kazehana hangs around, watching Minato from a distance. It’s clear that she has become taken with him, as she is a sekirei without an ashikabi, and Minato seems to be quite good at attracting sekirei of that variety!

A sekirei and her ashikabi try to escape the city, after hearing rumours that other sekirei had escaped. They are faced by Benitsubasa, and defeated.

The episode ends with Benitsubasa spying on Minato and his sekirei at the boarding house, planning something.

Episode Thoughts

Well, this was a very easy-going episode to ease us back into Sekirei. Not that we’ve been gone for long, considering we’re gone right into the sequel after finishing up the first season! I can’t really fault the episode for the lack of action. What we did get with the flashback was pretty good though. Perhaps this series could use more helicopters and tanks getting chopped up.

In terms of ecchi, I’d say this episode did OK. Most of the ecchi content this time around was breasts, as opposed to panty shots. Either is fine with me!

While the episode was hinting at something happening in the future with Benitsubasa, I think the biggest takeaway this episode was the clear hint that Kazehana will be joining the harem at some point. Just when you think it couldn’t get any bigger (especially when it comes to breasts!), Sekirei finds a way to deliver. I suppose Minato could use an older, experienced woman in the harem, right?

Ecchi Highlights

The Flashback

Daily Life



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