Sekirei: Pure Engagement (Episode 10) – Bold Sacrifice

Sekirei: Pure Engagement continues with a face-off between Uzume and Minato’s harem. How will things turn out this time?

Far-Reaching Sky

Uzume challenges Musubi and Tsukiumi to a fight, and Musubi takes up the challenge alone. The two battle it out, and while Uzume goes down first, Musubi is completely out of energy by the end. Higa, the ashikabi who was manipulating Uzume, orders his sekirei to attack – but then Kagari and Kazehana arrive, and he orders a retreat.

One of Higa’s sekirei moves in for a killing blow on Musubi while she is down, and Uzume jumps in the way. Uzume’s seal disappears, and an MBI helicopter arrives to take her away. She makes Minato promise to take care of Chiho, her former ashikabi.

Matsu then arranges for Chiho to be moved into a different private hospital. away from Higa’s influence. She also launches an attack on him, manipulating his various financial companies and the stock market to hurt him financially and force him to confront Minato. The episode ends with Higa coming face to face with Minato.

Episode Thoughts

There was a tiny bit of ecchi with Musubi’s clothes being ripped during her fight with Uzume, but not much else that noteworthy. It feels like Sekirei has trouble integrating ecchi content into episodes that contain more action.

As for the episode, it seemed straightforward enough. Clearly Musubi / Minato were not going to lose, and Uzume seemed like she was ready to die anyways. I thought that she might just be saved somehow, but the anime did manage to commit in having her be completely defeated in the end. I’m not sure if she’s dead at this point, or still alive but in MBI’s control now.

Not an amazing episode overall. Felt like it was lacking both in story and ecchi content. This second season has felt a lacking in many ways, although to be fair I also feel like the harem girls are getting a bit stale. We did see Kazehana in a maid outfit very briefly. Need more of that, to spice things up.

Episode Highlights

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