Sekirei: Pure Engagement (Episode 11) – Life or Death

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Uzume made her choice – and now it’s up to Minato to honour that by caring for Chiho. Unfortunately, it seems that there’s only one organization that can treat her rare illness – MBI!

Preparations for the Festival

Minato comes face to face with Higa, who presents him with a computer chip containing all of Chiho’s treatment information. He then tells Minato that only MBI can help her at this point, and begins to blame MBI for putting everyone in the situations they are in. His goal is to get Minato riled up about Minaka, head of MBI who has everyone suffering in the sekirei project all for his own amusement.

Minato then calls his mother, who tells him to figure it out for himself. Shortly after though, Minaka himself contacts Minato through his television. He tells Minato that MBI will treat Chiho – on one condition. Minato needs to make it to the top of the MBI headquarters, the tallest building in the city.

To make matters worse, Minaka sends out a message to all ashikabi telling them that a group of sekirei were heading towards the MBI headquarters, and that anyone who stops Minato and his sekirei will be rewarded.

Despite this, Minato earns the backing of his sekirei and they all set out the next day. They split into two teams. One heads directly to the tower, the other is taking a back route as they need to access MBI’s system from a satellite building. Both teams are ambushed on the way, but Minato’s team manages to break through as a large group of unorganized sekirei end up fighting each other in a large brawl. The other team isn’t as lucky.

Episode Thoughts

The pace hasn’t slowed down since last episode. Uzume is out of the picture, and now Minato and his team are going straight to the final boss – Minaka. Perhaps the entire sekirei project will come to an end after this. There are only a few episodes left after all!

That said, we did get a little break in the story in the form of a bath scene. A nice touch, I appreciate it, but I have to say that I’ve become immune to the bath scenes at this point. There have been so many over the course of Sekirei that they don’t seem like anything special. As I’ve been saying, some different outfits and the like would be more appreciated than yet another bath scene. The ecchi in Sekirei has gotten really stale in this season.

The series is almost over though. Best we can hope for is the continuation of the story and a nice conclusion. Maybe some torn clothes along the way too!

Episode Highlights

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