Sekirei: Pure Engagement (Episode 12) – Final Struggle?

The challenge has been issued to Minato and his sekirei: make it to the top of MBI’s headquarters building, and Chiho’s life will be saved. Of course, there’s no way it’ll be as easy as it sounds…!

Tower of Confusion

Minato, Tsukiumi, Musubi, and Kazehana successfully make it inside the MBI tower. But it only begins there. With the elevators out, they have to navigate all sorts of traps, as well as the discipline squad, on their way to the top.

Meanwhile, Matsu and Kusano leave Homura to fight the enemy sekirei that showed up to hinder them. Homura sets the forest ablaze, and leaves them. Matsu makes it to a computer inside an MBI hub and disables the traps, causing Minaka to enable a defense mechanism to attack Matsu and Kusano – a bunch of little electric robots.

Minaka then changes the game. He activates a protocol that will apparently blow up the tower, and broadcasts that the new goal is to successfully escape!

Episode Thoughts

This was sort of in line with what I expected. Ecchi content has been pushed aside in order to try and wrap up the story, which resulted in little to no ecchi this episode. While I have been mentioning how the ecchi has gotten a bit stale this season, I still don’t like when an ecchi anime just drops the ecchi altogether in order to get some action in.

A good ecchi anime will find a way to do both!

Not that Sekirei isn’t a good ecchi anime per se, but I feel like it’s dropped the ball here. It’s such an ecchi heavy anime for so long, but then in the final half of it’s second season it just gives up? A bit disappointing.

Anyways, this episode was very straightforward. Everyone was navigating traps, and some sekirei got caught up in fights with the disciplinary squad while the others kept on advancing through the tower. None of the action was anything special, because I think at this point the anime is just scrambling to wrap itself up and doesn’t even have the time to show us a proper fight let alone ecchi content.

Next episode will conclude Sekirei, for better or worse.
I’m just curious how much ecchi we’ll get in the finale!

Episode Highlights

Not much in terms of highlights this time around.

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