Sekirei: Pure Engagement (Episode 13) – Falling Down

Minaka has done it – the MBI tower is going to fall. Will Minato and harem escape in time? It’s the finale of Sekirei: Pure Engagement!

Bonds of Truth

Matsu and Kusano are in danger of being overwhelmed by hostile robots – but Seo and the twins show up in the nick of time to help out! Seo hands Matsu a computer chip provided by Higa to assist her in hacking the MBI system, allowing her to slow down the explosions in the tower.

Meanwhile, everyone but Minato and Musubi is focused on escaping the tower. Minato and Musubi, who were closest to the top, feel they have no choice but to continue to climb the tower. They reach Minaka at the top, and he hands them a memory stick before blasting off in an escape pod. Musubi and Minato jump.

Somehow surviving, they are faced with one final obstacle – the Black Sekirei. Not entertained enough, she challenges Musubi to a fight. Musubi puts up a fight, but is beaten down. Minato jumps in-between them, and then kisses Musubi, activating her sekirei powers and allowing her to fight once again. The battle results in a draw, and the Black Sekirei leaves, satisfied.

The anime then ends with updates to the characters. Chiho is cured and able to walk once again. The discipline squad is currently on hiatus. Minato and harem are still in the boarding house. Minaka is in orbit, in his escape pod – but then he hints at still possessing some sort of key, and begins to descend back to earth while laughing…

Episode Thoughts

A bit of a rushed finale, but this was pretty much in the forecast since so many episodes were spent just showing us Minato and harem sitting around at the boarding house. The ending hints at more, but we know that this is it for Sekirei. Even though Higa and other powerful ashikabi are still around, we’ve already seen fights with their sekirei so that wouldn’t be much to look forward to anyways.

Plus I think we’ve seen more than enough of Minato’s harem, at least in their usual outfits. A nice touch was a few shots of Benitsubasa in a swimsuit at the end, I would have liked to see more of this type of content. But I guess they were also really trying to get the story wrapped up in someway, and that’s where we got this soft ending.

Overall, it was actually a pretty good episode. The fight with the Black Sekirei was decent, and the ending was fairly relaxed. Not a bad ending, considering the last few episodes didn’t feel as enjoyable.

Episode Highlights

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