Sekirei: Pure Engagement (Episode 2) – The Wind Sekirei

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Once again it seems that Kazehana has taken an interest in Minato, now that she’s always hanging around the boarding house. It’s only a matter of time now till she joins the harem.. right?

The Wind Blows

Minato wakes up to Kazehana looking into his eyes.. and possibly moving in for something more! She quickly jumps away, and chats with Minato. We find out that she has never had an ashikabi, because the man she originally loved and chose rejected her. Kazehana asks Minato if he could bring himself to want her – but the proposition goes over his head.

After breakfast, Minato gets a phone call from his sister, who has been going around the city taking out sekirei thanks to her own sekirei that was awakened last season. She asks Minato if she could visit for dinner, and Minato counters by asking her if she’d want to meet up and eat out, because he doesn’t want her to see his harem. Tsukiumi finds out about Minato’s sister and gets jealous that Musubi had already met her, and so she insists on escorting Minato.

On the way, the two are ambushed by Benitsubasa and Haihane of the discipline squad. Haihane attacks Tsukiumi and leads her away from Minato, leaving him alone for Benitstubasa to kidnap.

Minato wakes up in a sake warehouse. Benitsubasa then uses his cellphone to call the boarding house – but Kusano picks up and doesn’t understand what is going on, eventually hanging up. Benitsubasa calls back and Kazehana picks up, but Kazehana hangs up on her for being rude. The third time she calls she has Minato speak to get their attention, and then Minato knocks Benitsubasa over and breaks his phone to try and protect his harem.

Matsu immediately goes to her room to try and track the location down, and Kazehana sets off directly towards the warehouse. Somehow Kazehana, being the sake drinker she is, could tell through the phone where Minato was. She begins to fight Benitsubasa when Haihane appears, leaving her outnumbered two to one.

Episode Thoughts

A very straightforward and good episode. Not too much in terms of ecchi content this time, as this episode even lacked nudity which is a rare occurrence in Sekirei. But the plot has picked up a bit, and we had some nice action scenes.

The best moment of the episode for sure was the phone calls, which had me laughing pretty good. Kusano on the phone in particular was hilarious, with Benitstubasa trying to tell her to put “Number 88” (Musubi’s sekirei number) on the phone, and Kusano just trying to count to 88 with her hands. The irritation expressed by Benitsubasa was just too funny. I honestly didn’t expect to have such a good laugh in an episode of Sekirei.

It’s quite clear that Kazehana is going to join the harem. It was hinted at last episode, and hinted at again early on this episode. But I guess they don’t want her to just casually join, so they have to put Kazehana through a tight situation that will bring her closer to Minato. Also, at first I thought it was cheesy that she knew where Minato was based on the phone call, but Kazehana’s sekirei power IS the power of the wind itself, so perhaps that helped her out there.

Anyways, while we didn’t get too much fan service, I thought the episode itself was quite fun. A good pace, and some good progress I think. Considering a lot of Sekirei so far has been Minato and harem hanging around the house, it’s always nice to see some action and new environments.

Ecchi Highlights

Kazehana Morning

Around The House

Minato’s Sister

The Kidnapping & Rescue (In Progress)

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