Sekirei: Pure Engagement (Episode 3) – Never Too Late

Last episode ended with Kazehana and Minato cornered by the discipline squad in a sake warehouse. Surely the only solution here is for Kazehana to join the harem and become Minato’s sekirei, right?!

The Wind’s Answer

Kazehana begins to fight Benitsubasa and Haihane, and while she can put up a fight, she has trouble keeping up with the two of them together. Haihane then takes Minato as a hostage once again. Minato begs the two to leave Kazehana alone, and then creates an opening for Kazehana by knocking Haihane over.

Some shelving racks fall down on top of Minato. Kazehana, faced by the two discipline squad members, and touched by Minato’s act of bravery, ends up kissing him and becoming his sekirei. She then powers up and blasts the discipline squad away. Shortly after this Musubi and Tsukiumi arrive, and they end up taking Minato to a hospital.

When Minato wakes up, Musubi tells him that they took him to a MBI hopsital. A woman in a labcoat enters the room, and we find out that it’s Minato’s mother, who just happens to be a high level director of the Sekirei Plan. She talks for a bit, and then leaves.

Minato is then released from the hospital soon after, and goes home to Kazehana naked with only an apron on. Looks like he’s gone and expanded his harem once again!

Episode Thoughts

I think that the outcome of this episode was pretty obvious, considering how heavily it was hinted that Kazehana had taken a liking to Minato. No surprises there, and Kazehana may as well have already been in the harem considering how much screentime she’s been getting. The bonus now though is that she’ll be teasing Minato more often.

The unexpected, yet not surprising part of this episode was Minato’s mom being involved in MBI and the Sekirei Plan. We’ve seen her before, and I believe she is usually with the MBI director himself. What a coincidence that her son ended up sporting one of the largest sekirei harems in the entire ordeal…!

This sort of development seems pretty common though, so I’m not really surprised. After Kazehana it’s hinted that there’s one more sekirei that will probably join the harem, which is Homura, the white haired guy who seems to be changing into a girl because of his sekirei powers or something.

Personally I’m not a huge fan of gender bending, so I’m apprehensive about how the anime will play out, but I’m sure it’ll be interesting anyways. We’ll see if they jump right to it or wait a bit.

The ecchi this time around was fairly good. Since last season, they’ve backed off of showing us bath scenes every episode, but we’re still getting nipples so I guess they were trying to get more creative with the nudity we saw. Not going to complain about that, there’s only so many scenes of Musubi in the bath that I need before I’d rather see something fresh.

Ecchi Highlights

Kazehana Chooses Minato

Hospital + Returning Home

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